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Screwball Sundays: ADAM’S RIB


May 28, 2023    
3:00 pm

Welcome to Screwball Sundays!

Join us for a hilarious journey through the greatest screwball comedies of Hollywood’s golden age at the Historic Camelot Theatre. Featuring wacky plots, witty dialogue, and zany characters that continue to delight longtime fans and new audiences alike.

We believe that great movies are meant to be shared, so bring your friends and family to experience these comedy classics on the big screen. With a live introduction before each film, our carefully curated selection will have you laughing out loud and leaving your worries behind.

May 28 – ADAM’S RIB (1949)

A courtroom rivalry finds its way into the household when prosecuting lawyer Adam Bonner (Spencer Tracy) faces off against his wife, Amanda (Katharine Hepburn), who happens to be a defense attorney. Working on opposite sides of a lawsuit where a woman (Judy Holliday) has shot her cheating husband (Tom Ewell), Adam and Amanda are both determined to win the case, and their home becomes the setting for comical showdowns, with neither spouse willing to relent.

The best of all the Spencer Tracy/Katharine Hepburn comedies, Adam’s Rib is as fresh and topical today as it was in 1949 when it was first released. Written by Ruth Gordon and Garson Kanin and directed by George Cukor, this satirical farce about a pair of married lawyers who find themselves on opposite sides in a court case is tailor-made to the talents of its stars. Like all great vehicles, it is so good in and of itself, that it could work just as well without them. But to lovers of this great screen team, the thought of anyone else playing these parts is just about unimaginable. In fact, none of the eight other films the two made together contrasts and complements their playing styles as brilliantly as this one.

Screwball Sundays: ADAM'S RIB