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Early Valentine’s Day with Deven & Ned Music Show

Wilma & Frieda


February 10, 2024    
6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Early Valentine’s / PALentines music show with Deven Green & Handsome Ned!

6pm Seating
7pm – 8:15pm Music Show

Tickets only $20 for music show.
Order food and drinks from their “comfort food with a twist” menu.

Lighthearted, funny and charming songs with this award-winning duo.
Step into a world where music meets laughter, where the vintage vibes of the past blend seamlessly with the contemporary beats of today. Get ready to be transported on a musical journey like no other as the dynamic duo of entertainment, Deven Green and Handsome Ned, take the stage and ignite your senses!

With their enchanting performances, Deven Green and Handsome Ned bring an unparalleled fusion of music and storytelling, leaving audiences spellbound and craving for more. Imagine a glamorous Palm Springs evening, where the air is filled with the sweet melodies of the 1920s through to the present day. These two captivating artists weave their magical touch, taking beloved favorites and giving them a fresh, invigorating twist all on ukulele and guitar!

Tall, elegant, and oozing glamour, Deven Green and Handsome Ned are not just performers, they’re musical visionaries. Together, they create an atmosphere of pure enchantment, inviting you to join in on a musical experience that transcends time. Through the ages, from the jazzy tunes of the Roaring Twenties to the pop anthems that dominate today’s charts, their repertoire spans across eras and genres, connecting generations through the universal language of music.

You may recognize Deven and Ned from their NBC Palm Springs Christmas Spectacular, their hilarious books or performing with A-list entertainers.

Deven Green is an award-winning comedic chanteuse and Ned Douglas is a platinum-winning music director – together they are magic. DevenGreen.com NedDouglas.com

Early Valentine's Day with Deven & Ned Music Show