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Cinema On Ice Film Series-MCCABE AND MRS. MILLER (1971)

Palm Springs Cultural Center


February 9, 2024    
6:00 pm

Feb 9, 6pm  MCCABE AND MRS. MILLER (1971) Robert Altman (121 mins.)
Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen, Hungarian cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond, and iconoclastic American filmmaker Robert Altman combine forces to bring us this wintry, sepia-toned anti-Western…one of the best films of the 1970s.  Set in Presbyterian Church, Washington and shot in a suitably even more wintry West Vancouver (in the middle of winter!), Altman’s film perfectly captures the mood of the early 1970s.  Beautifully shot, lots of overlapping dialogue, downbeat music cues…Warren Beatty, Julie Christie.  This one will make you miss Altman, the 1970s, Leonard…. The snow, maybe not so much!

Themed Drink: The McCabe
A Canadian whiskey sour made with our own sour mix (because a double whiskey with a raw egg is not for everyone!)

Join Deserted Films at the Historic Camelot Theatre (at the Palm Springs Cultural Center) Jan 21 – Feb 25 for a series of wintry films culminating in a special screening of Dr. Zhivago (1965)… the first film screened at the Camelot when it opened in 1967!

A FROSTY Film Series at the Historic Camelot Theatre

The Summer Heat Film Series was so much fun we thought we’d follow it up with some more weather-inspired cinematic cheer. Get ready for Cinema on Ice, with Deserted Films!

Post holiday blues? Does the chill in the air make you miss shoveling your driveway? Come get cozy at The Palm Springs Cultural Center’s Historic Camelot Theatre with a series of films set against a wintry backdrop.
We know how funny it is to our snowbird friends when the denizens of Palm Springs pout about the cold! So let’s celebrate it instead!

Screenings will feature live introductions and thematic film ephemera provided by Melissa Dollman and Devin Orgeron of Deserted Films along with themed cocktails.

Attendees can save $4 off the price of two drinks when they pre-purchase on Eventbrite only.

Cinema on Ice