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Banda MS: MS 20 Años


June 16, 2023    
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Top Regional Mexican musical group Banda MS is celebrating their 20th Anniversary when they bring their tour to Acrisure Arena on Friday, June 16. With the tour “MS 20 Años”, Banda MS celebrates 20 years of professional career with wonderful surprises for the public. Crossing borders and with a unique style, in which banda music has acquired a touch of freshness, modernity and musical creativity, Banda MS continues to break parameters. Today Banda MS remains an iconic example of regional Mexican music.

Con un espectáculo totalmente renovado, la BANDA MS confirma presentación el Acrisure Arena. Con el tour “MS 20 Años” la agrupación celebra 20 años de trayectoria profesional con grandes sorpresas para el público. Traspasando fronteras y con un estilo único, en el cual la música de banda ha adquirido un toque de frescura, modernidad y creatividad musical, la BANDA MS esta sigue rompiendo parámetros.

In 2003 in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, the Banda MS de Sergio Lizárraga was born, taking the initials of his homeland to give the group its name. The founders of the band managed to combine their ideas and concerns to offer people a different and original product; using its own formula and printing a cheerful and versatile touch.

Youth, explosiveness and talent, are the words with which we can currently define Banda MS, created by seven teenagers who, after having belonged to other renowned groups, decided to form their own musical organization. For a year and a half they planned the birth of a new band, they began to take the first steps to make reality, what at that time, were only dreams.

To date, Banda MS is synonymous with stability and international projection. Always with firm objectives, the group has earned the nickname of “the highest grossing band”, a slogan that reflects the work that has been carried out throughout more than 15 years of musical career.

Banda MS: MS 20 Años