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In Palm Springs, we are proud of the many locally owned and operated, mostly small, businesses that make up our city; retail shops with hand selected merchandise, small inns and boutique resorts, chef-owned cafes and locally run tours. We celebrate our uniqueness and our ability to offer individual personalized experiences to locals and visitors alike.  Discover the true small gems of Palm Springs.


Unique Retail Stores and Boutiques

Discover local art at the working artist studios of Backstreet Art Walk.  Lose yourself in the dozen boutiques inside the shops at Thirteen Forty Five, all with exclusive merchandise.  In there you’ll find Palm Springs Style founded by local Katy Carrier. Discover vintage jewelry at Gallery 24, owned by Carlos King. Find a touch of Japan at Wabi Sabi owned by locals Darrel Baum and Osama Sagara.  Stephen Monkarsh, founder and owner of Just Fabulous, is a great stop for anyone looking to buy gifts or modern home décor.


See a full list of small retail stores and boutiques…….


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Backstreet Art Walk
Source: Backstreet Art Walk


Local owned Eats and Drinks

Independently owned and operated…. No big chains on this list. LULU is as Palm Springs as it gets, with the colorful décor and limitless popularity. Or meet the owner of Dead or Alive Bar, Christine Soto. One of the longest running restaurants in Palm Springs, Las Casuelas, which opened in 1958, is still owned and managed by members within the original Delgado family.  Truss & Twine was recently opened by owner and Executive Chef, Michael Beckman, also owner of Workshop Kitchen + Bar.  All the way from Paris, Charlotte and Raphael Farsy offer French dished at their L’atelier Cafe.  Everyone loves Townie Bagels, owned by Andy and Bill.  Tristan Gittens is owner of the small gourmet sausage restaurant Frankinbun.  


See a full list of local places of culinary delights…….



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L'Atelier Cafe
Source: L'Atelier Cafe
Source: Copley's

Ways to Play in Palm Springs

Wandering your way bicycling through town or using up a few more calories biking a canyon road can all be found at Big Wheel Bike Tours, owned by local Evan Trubee, or venture out on a Red-jeep tour with locally owned Desert Adventures.   Enjoy dinner and a show at the Purple Room, owned by entertainer extraordinaire, Michael Holmes.  Learn while you play with Michael Stern on The Modern Tour or join Kurt Cyr as he winds his way through Mod History  with the  Mod Squad tours.


See a full list of activities, arts and culture, nightlife and more…….


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Desert Adventures
Source: Desert Adventures

Boutique Resorts and Inns

The 70 (yes, 70 in this small city) small inns and hotels within Palm Springs are as small as they come, most about 10-15 guest rooms, ranging from Old Spanish Hacienda to Mid-century modern, to eclectic contemporary.  Read about owners Nelson Cooley and Ramon Bautista of Amin Casa, once the home of Gloria Swanson. Meet Gary and Kathy Friedle, owners of the charming Monkey Tree Hotel.


Check out the small gem boutique hotels and private homes throughout Palm Springs….

Amin Casa
Nelson Cooley
Amin Casa

Gay Resorts

We have the largest collection of Gay resorts, more than any other city in the world.  Jon owns and operates INNdulge and a block away is El Mirasol Villas owned by Paul and Bruce.  Further south of won you’ll find Triangle Inn owned by Michael and Steve. Next door is Escape, owned by Mark and Greg. Relax and play at the Hacienda, one of Palm Springs 15 intimate gay resorts.

Check out the 15 intimate gay resorts throughout Palm Springs….


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Triangle Inn
Source: Triangle Inn
Source: INNdulge

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