Touring Palm Springs on a Bike

From guided city tours to mountain bike dirt trails

Posted By: Monday, March 09, 2020

By Kevin Perry


A desert vacation provides a chance to disconnect. Unplug the phone, switch off the TV, and just exist! But let’s not forget the biggest source of SoCal stress: traffic.

Road rage is a daily reality in Los Angeles. When you leave the big city to escape to Palm Springs, you may feel an urgency to conquer the freeways and beat the rush. But once you arrive in PS, the anxiety melts away. Our streets are paved with calm. Where better to enjoy a relaxing bike ride?


To kick-start your kickstand adventures, pedal over to Palm Springs Cyclery. They offer accessories and supplies to gear up your getaway. If you have an old bike that needs sprucing up, their repair shop is destination #1. Or you can buy a new chariot customized for your riding preference. Road bikes, mountain bikes, or a hybrid suited specifically to you – PS Cyclery puts you in the driver’s seat!

To round out your sporty style, warm up to Hibbett Sports on East Ramon. Their apparel will keep you hot on the trail and cool year round. Hibbett’s shoe selection offers a wide array of cycling options for men, women, and the littlest biker in your brood. There’s fashion afoot!

Girls on bikes



Don’t feel like carting around your old contraption? Or better yet: do you feel like taking a test ride on the wild side? Either way, Palm Springs offers rental bikes for the casual cycler and serious enthusiast alike.

Bike Palm Springs is off the chain! Their fleet of fierceness is a candy-colored rainbow of recreation, matched only by their midcentury modern storefront. Shutterbugs come from miles away to pose for selfies in front of the iconic B-I-K-E emblazoned on the window in pastel blue, yellow, orange, and red. Take Pride in your ride!

Bike Palm Springs


To add some zip to your trip, consider the ease of an electric bike. Sunkiss Rentals charges up your vacation by giving your leg muscles some much needed time off. Maneuver your motorized marvel through the wonders of Palm Springs and explore further than you ever could on a traditional pedal bike. Vroom squared!

Keep the current flowing at Pedego Palm Springs. This electric bike emporium levels up your perspective by giving you a passport to the north side. Pedego is nestled near the majestic Windmills Tours HQ. Gaze up at the massive blades that power Palm Springs and get inspired! Emulate the purposeful rotation of the windmills with a satisfying pedal session… or let the electricity guide your ride.




Energy is also your copilot at Sunny Cycle. Perhaps you’ve seen this party on wheels? It’s the trolley that spreads good vibes with every turn of its multiple gears. You and your closest friends can pile into the open-air vehicle and pedal your hearts away while enjoying TV and refreshments. Who needs the comforts of home when you can take them on the road? Some of their signature tours include Sunday Brunch and Scavenger Hunt. Spoiler alert: you’ll find fun by the mile!

Sunny Cycle


For a throwback supreme, coast on over to Palm Springs Historical Society (PSHS). Why walk in the footsteps of superstars when you can bike there? PSHS charts the paths of screen legends who cavorted in our idyllic hometown during the golden era of cinema. There’s a reason why Palm Springs earned the nickname Hollywood’s Playground. Join these celebrity cyclers in a bike ride through history!

For more rugged terrains, chart a course for Big Wheel Tours. Their knowledgeable guides will raise your perspective as you plumb the depths of the Earthquake Canyon Tour. Trace the treacherous path of the legendary San Andreas Fault as you excavate discoveries 1,600 feet below where you start the ride. Or you could think global and ride local with an Indian Canyon Tour. Thrill to the ultimate throwback by trekking in the shadows of the Agua Caliente people who lived here millennia ago!

Bike in Indian Canyons



If you feel extra adventurous, take a cue from Fleetwood Mac and go your own way. The bike paths of Palm Springs form a lattice of love, with exclusive cycling routes that crisscross our major thoroughfares. You can access all the wonders of Palm Springs without setting foot in a car. Those feet are made for pedaling instead!

Sunrise Way offers a designated Class 1 bike path that parallels the road without actually touching it. Safety and splendor take the lead! Turn onto one of our many Class 2 lanes that offer spacious periphery to keep traffic at bay. Share the road with mellow motorists along the length of Indian Canyon to coast on Class 3 convenience throughout the heart of downtown.



Stuck in a rut? Acme Mobile Bike Repair to the rescue! From flat tire repair to tune-ups to cleaning and servicing, this “wheel deal” brings cycle repair to you. It’s like a food truck… but for cyclists! No need to stuff your road-weary (and dirty) bike into the back of your cramped car. Acme has flair to spare!

Once you are patched up and primped for maximum biking chic, get ready for another cycle around Palm Springs. See you on the road (again)!

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