Terra Gallery has Art and Learning in one Spot

By Nicole Borgenicht

Posted By: Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Centrally located at South Palm Canyon and Arenas Road, Terra Gallery is an artistic, educational and whimsical art spot for everyone. Whether fanciful steel wall art, paintings or whimsical sculpture catches your attention, there is also a discussion about the unique solar globes that spin in response to the earth’s magnetic field and light energy happening at the same time. An educational and artistic place of discovery, Terra Gallery is perfectly situated amidst the local buzz of indoor-outdoor restaurants and bars and multiple-genre stores.   

Gallery Manager Tatiana Boian gives more detail about what you will find inside, “Terra Gallery is a collection of top selling brands with an artistic flair. We carry original art including glass, paintings, sculpture and jewelry. Many of our artists and brands are exclusive to the Coachella Valley including The Frogman, which is the number one selling bronze artist in the world. We have art and jewelry from many countries including  Uno de 50 from Spain,  Ayala Bar and Mariana from Israel and sterling silver and amber from Poland.”

The first image below is titled "Palm Tree Branch." This is an original watercolor by Jeanette Richards that painted here in the valley.

Palm Tree

The second image below is titled "Poppy." This is a limited edition bronze sculpture by The Frogman: Tim Cotterill.


Made in northern California, another great conversation piece is the gallery's fun, colorful glass art with a jellyfish-glass character inside. They are remarkable to look at because they do appear real or at least animated! Boian further describes them and other pieces great for families,  “All our Jellyfish are hand blown and glow in the dark. Our globes are self-rotating with no batteries. The magic of solar and magnets create perpetual motion giving the illusion of a rotating globe floating in air. Planets and the Earth are available in different sizes.”

With many colorful and well-designed whimsical art pieces to choose from, plus a variety of genres and educational sculpture, Terra Gallery attracts the curious and capricious visitors who have a mirthful aesthetic eye!

“Terra Gallery is located in the heart of Palm Springs (the south block 100) and has been on the block for over 17 years representing the best artists and jewelry available. We have many visitors from all parts of the world who claim we are a must stop for them on their travels. If you want to find the best collection of art, jewelry and gifts under one roof in the desert then Terra Gallery is your destination.” Says Tatiana Boian.

Terra Gallery

Tatiana Boian: Art Gallery Manager

187 S. Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 92262

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