WHO'S NEXT Retail Store Brings Exclusive French Fashion Brands to Palm Springs Posted By: Kathy Condon T

Posted By: Thursday, January 07, 2016
Whos Next

If you want a sense of the colors that make up Palm Springs, California, you need to walk into Who’s Next directly across from the Kimpton Hotel being built on North Palm Canyon. Benjamin Perdereau lived in Aix Provence in Southern France, and visited his parents often in Palm Springs. 

He owned and operated a store in Southern France and believed it needed to be recreated here. That decision would require a move. He knew he was ready for a change in scenery and was ready to leave his homeland to come here.  

It wasn’t long after he thought of the idea, he discovered a line of clothing that he felt was perfect for our Palm Springs lifestyle: Cotton clothes with stretch.  He said, “Once I touched it I felt it was the right fabric. Then I put it on and realized how amazingly comfortable it was to wear, I was convinced I was on the right track.” In Benjamin’s words about his 
garments, “They’re colorful, high quality, washable, good value and European cut so fit snug, but not too tight.”  


Lining the white walls on each side of the store are shirts, shorts and slacks in array of summer colors. One side is garments for men and the other side is lined with clothing for women. (Benjamin said his bathing suit selection will be expanding soon.)

What makes this boutique different is that all of the individual garments can be paired with other pieces for the color palette is the same intensity. Do you need sandals?  There are unisex ones that match the garments mentioned about. Would you rather have a loafer?  No problem. However, you will have the problem of selecting which color you want to add to your wardrobe.


Need a belt? Once again, Benjamin has found what he believes is the perfect accompaniment to his garments.  The belts are patterned or plain and will work for you no matter how much weight you gain or lose for it is no problem to move it up or down a notch or two. 

Looking for gifts or fine linens for your home? This is a place you will want to keep coming back to for the product line changes frequently. Oh yes, if you want a durable bag, you can find it here too.  

Jewelry is handcrafted by a woman in France using linen and pearls.




                                                        184 N Palm Canyon Drive
                                                         Palm Springs, CA  92262
                                                         (760) 902-6137


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