Uptown's Trio Restaurant

  • Posted By: February 07, 2019

By Kevin Perry


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48 Hours: The Ultimate in Swank

  • Posted By: September 11, 2019

By Kevin Perry

Life is short but your wish list is long and lavish. If you only have two days to treat yourself, then Palm Springs is the ideal vacation destination.

From the moment you roll through our sun-dappled downtown, your appetite for excess cries out to be satiated. Listen to that inner gourmand, feed it luxury by the mouthful, and experience the upscale wonders of 48 hours in Palm Springs…

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48 Hours: Boutique places to Eat, Stay and Play

  • Posted By: September 10, 2019


The ideal vacation is a harmonious balance of sin and serenity. If you go too far in one direction, you pay too much for a garishly guilty excursion. Veer the other way and you’re stuck camping in some boring, remote dud of a locale.

The perfect medium is a getaway that keeps you connected and cozy; it’s an escapade that feels tailored specifically to your boutique tastes.

Welcome to Palm Springs.

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48 Hours: Down Home in Palm Springs

  • Posted By: September 04, 2019

By Kevin Perry

Our downtown area is configured like an architectural embrace. Palm Canyon welcomes you into its outstretched arms, then routes you lovingly to Indian Canyon and pulls you back again in an endless loop of sustenance and style. The eateries offer tasty food done right and the shopping options are playful; stroll and peruse without the stress of a hard-sell scenario.

And where better to start than at the heart?

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And the Winners Are…

  • Posted By: August 09, 2019

By Kevin Perry

When you enjoy a truly triumphant meal, every bite is a victory. Your senses shine a spotlight on each morsel, your mouth savors the playful performance of the ensemble of ingredients, and your taste buds give a standing ovation to the gastronomical tour de force.

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From Hummer tours, horseback riding and rock climbing to stargazing, museums, and zoos, family adventures abound in Palm Springs

  • Posted By: August 05, 2019

The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is the world’s largest rotating tramcar and travels over 2.5 miles from Palm Springs to the top of the San Jacinto Mountains where you can enjoy spectacular vistas of the valley below. Have lunch at the top, take in a short documentary and visit the natural history museum. Plus, there are miles of hiking trails.

Want something more western themed? Enjoy a horseback ride on the trails with Smoke Tree Stables.


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Get your health on at these cool Vegan Restaurants and Juice Bars

  • Posted By: July 23, 2019

By Patricia Kemp

Desert summers turn up the heat, making it the perfect season to cool down with some refreshing Vegan and vegetarian food. These health-conscious Palm Springs restaurants and Vegan chefs put a creative culinary spin on delicious dining options to refuel and rehydrate during a day of desert exploring. Vegan meals are plant-based and many dishes are prepared with raw fruits and vegetables with no meat, fish, or dairy such as milk, cheese, and eggs. Limited to just salad? Think again! There’s more than just lettuce on the menu to cool your palate.

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Palm Springs Revs up the Hip Factor with a Cool Downtown

  • Posted By: July 17, 2019

For a city that has always had a swanky, classic appeal to it, there is a whole lot of fresh newness ready to be experienced in Palm Springs. If it’s been awhile since you’ve visited the area, you may not be familiar with all of the brand-spanking-new storefronts, eateries and hotels that have joined the neighborhood.

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The Hippest Tiki Hangouts

  • Posted By: June 13, 2019

By Elizabeth Neil

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Cool Activities, Neat Treats

  • Posted By: June 12, 2019

By Kevin Perry

Palm Springs knows how to chill out. We rock sunshine over 300 days of the year, so we have some expertise when it comes to summer living. Bring your family, friends, and fun-lovers to the capital of cool and let’s beat the heat together…

“Pool” Rhymes with “Cool” for a Reason

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