Locationship: Palm Springs with Chloe May

Explore Palm Springs with Chloe May

Posted By: Friday, December 21, 2018

By Chloe May

Chloe May
Source: Chloe May

Sometimes the best adventures come from life's unplanned moments. My name is Chloe May and I am a travel journalist and content creator from Los Angeles, CA. A few months ago I began writing, producing and hosting a travel series called Locationship that combines my strong passion for travel and storytelling.

Locationship is my spontaneous journey to cities around the world with absolutely no itinerary! I go to one city for one day and let the locals make all of the decisions for me. It’s a hybrid of storytelling, culture, food and lifestyle that reveals a city’s gems through the lens of its locals.

On a recent trip to Palm Springs, I was introduced to the city's vibrant personality through amazing local recommendations. From bike riding through mid-century modern neighborhoods, exploring vintage shops in the Uptown Design District, eating gourmet pizza, to singing karaoke at a bar in downtown, I couldn't have had a better experience. I was blown away with all of the beauty and life Palm Springs has to offer, and I thank the locals for making me feel so welcome!

I leave you with this: Next time you are traveling to a new place, throw out the itinerary and live in the moment. You will be surprised at how much more authentic and meaningful your experience will be when you connect with others! Thank you for everything, Palm Springs.



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