Keeping Everyone Safe While Visiting

  • Posted By: June 12, 2020

While visiting Palm Springs, we want to assure you we have implemented significant measures to make you feel comfortable so you can enjoy Palm Springs and the surrounding area during your visit. Employees are required to wear masks. Here are some health and safety measures you can expect during you stay.


Exploring Palm Springs

Have a face cover with you when exploring Palm Springs. You are not required to wear them in open spaces provided you are practicing social distancing. You must use your face cover when in any business building.

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Tips for Visiting Responsibly

  • Posted By: June 10, 2020

You've been dreaming of sunshine on your face and getting away to some wide open space for some time now. Palm Springs has some of the most beautiful desertscapes in Southern California and we’ve missed you very much. Long-distance relationships are so hard. But wait, finally - the hotels are open again! When you're ready to swap your PJs or yoga wear for a swimsuit, there are a few things to keep in mind to be sure you (and others) are safe.

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What's Open and What's Not

  • Posted By: June 09, 2020

Palm Springs reopening is here and we are thrilled to welcome you back. Learn about what's open in Palm Springs along with any restrictions. This information is updated frequently and will help keep you in-the-know.

Updated July 13


Agua Caliente Casino Palm Springs 




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Hotels available for mitigation and containment measures

  • Posted By: March 24, 2020

Palm Springs City Manager David Ready clarified the City and State of California moratorium declaring vacation rentals, homeshares and/or other lodging facilities such as hotels, are not allowed to operate within City limits unless they are being used for mitigation and containment measures related to the spread of Covid19, otherwise known as coronavirus. Additionally, longer rentals of over 30 days of such facilities are prohibited, unless the purpose falls within a Covid-19 exception. Read More

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Get the Star Treatment at ModMansions

  • Posted By: March 10, 2020

By Kevin Perry

When you buy a car, you consult a mechanic. When you need surgery, you seek the advice of a doctor. So, when you’re thinking of renting a house, there is no better contact than ModMansions founder/partner Jim Murphy.

“By training, I’m a civil engineer and I’ve traveled all over the United States,” Murphy narrates. “When I flew into town, I set foot on the tarmac, took one look at the mountains, and right away I knew I had to make my way to Palm Springs to live here.”

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Palm Springs is the Perfect Destination for a Wellness-Inspired Getaway

  • Posted By: March 06, 2020

The new year is in full swing and it’s safe to say we all have a growing list of New Year’s Resolutions for 2020. Whether you’ve made a goal to read more books, be more spontaneous, go to the gym more, spend more time outdoors, or simply take care of your mental health––there’s one place in sunny SoCal that has all you need to make those wellness-inspired goals a reality.

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Welcome to The Cole Hotel

  • Posted By: February 24, 2020

By Kevin Perry

Every paradise needs its pearly gates. Oz has the Yellow Brick Road, Narnia has the wardrobe…

And now, we have The Cole Hotel.

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Lars and Kelly Viklund, Owners of 3 Swank Resorts in Palm Springs

  • Posted By: February 06, 2020

By Barbara Beckley

“Stewards of Palm Springs’ architectural and hospitality history.” That’s how fashionistas-turned boutique hotel moguls Lars and Kelly Viklund describe their pride in breathing new life and luxury into three vintage inns in Downtown Palm Springs.   

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Dive Palm Springs

  • Posted By: February 06, 2020

By Barbara Beckley

Just when you thought Palm Springs was as mod as it gets -- surprise! There’s a new French twist!        

Remember those photos of the French Riviera in the swinging ‘60s?  Bikinis. Yachts. Bridgette Bardot. Now you can revel in that same chic, sexy style – right here in Palm Springs.  

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48 Hours in Palm Springs for the Modernista

  • Posted By: January 31, 2020

By Barbara Beckley

It’s not just architecture that makes Palm Springs the modernism capital of the world.  It’s everything!

Modernism is a way of life here in Palm Springs. From cocktails to clothes, pools to supper clubs, décor to events like Modernism Week – Palm Springs has never left the swinging ’50s and ‘60s.  

Remember the ‘60s smash movie Palm Spring Weekend?  That’s all the time it takes to trip the light fantastic and star in your own glamourous Palm Springs story – titled perhaps, “The Real Rat Pack of Palm Springs.”  

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