Unique Accommodations

  • Posted By: July 19, 2019

By Kevin Perry

Every vacation adds to your life story. When you return home, you regale your friends and family with tales of where you went, what you ate, and where you stayed.

After all, how else can you make them jealous?

A trip to Palm Springs will provide your narrative with its most memorable chapter yet. Our resorts are a cacophony of unexpected, underrated, unparalleled destinations unto themselves. Each of the following hotels offers something memorably luxurious in a town that redefines the term unique every day with every stay…

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Palm Springs Revs up the Hip Factor with a Cool Downtown

  • Posted By: July 17, 2019

For a city that has always had a swanky, classic appeal to it, there is a whole lot of fresh newness ready to be experienced in Palm Springs. If it’s been awhile since you’ve visited the area, you may not be familiar with all of the brand-spanking-new storefronts, eateries and hotels that have joined the neighborhood.

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Architectural Gems: Resort Edition

  • Posted By: July 11, 2019

By Kevin Perry

Palm Springs is a landscape crafted in luxury and dominated by style. Our midcentury roots flourish into modern masterpieces, affirming our reputation as one of the world’s foremost tastemakers in architecture.

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Hollywood Slept Here

  • Posted By: June 28, 2019

By Kevin Perry

When Hollywood was cementing its status as the entertainment capital of the world, it took its stars very seriously. Celebrities were under studio contracts, and these ironclad agreements stated that actors must remain within a two-hour driving distance from their respective soundstages. So how could silver screen icons get as far away from Tinseltown as possible without breaking their commitments?

Welcome to Palm Springs.

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Cool Activities, Neat Treats

  • Posted By: June 12, 2019

By Kevin Perry

Palm Springs knows how to chill out. We rock sunshine over 300 days of the year, so we have some expertise when it comes to summer living. Bring your family, friends, and fun-lovers to the capital of cool and let’s beat the heat together…

“Pool” Rhymes with “Cool” for a Reason

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Treat Your Pa to a Spa

  • Posted By: June 05, 2019

By Kevin Perry


You’ve given your father enough stressful moments over the years…

Pause for self-reflection.

So now it’s time to help him de-stress from the distress with a Palm Springs spa day. The most important man in your life deserves the most luxurious tune-up in town, and our resorts are ready to deliver. From foot rubs to body scrubs and everything in between, these tantalizing treatments are customized to meet the special needs of your special dude.  

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Mid-Week to the Max!

  • Posted By: June 04, 2019

By Kevin Perry

TGI-Monday! That’s right, we always look forward to the week ahead, because the forecast calls for bargains. From Happy Hours to nappy nights and prix fixe perfection, mid-week is the new weekend in our eternally sunny hometown.

Check into luxury, check out our activities, and check your inhibitions at the door. Get ready to pack your calendar full of cool…


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Lars and Kelly Viklund, Owners of 3 Swank Resorts in Palm Springs

  • Posted By: April 19, 2019

By Barbara Beckley

“Stewards of Palm Springs’ architectural and hospitality history.” That’s how fashionistas-turned boutique hotel moguls Lars and Kelly Viklund describe their pride in breathing new life and luxury into three vintage inns in Downtown Palm Springs.   

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Uniquely Palm Springs

  • Posted By: April 17, 2019

Year after year, Palm Springs shines as one of the most diverse and fascinating destinations in Southern California. With new and innovative dining and entertainment, unique shops, amazing mid-century design and architecture, and an array of stimulating activities and attractions, it’s high-time to head to this city, dubbed the new “Capital of Cool.”


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Steve and Mark Hermann Help Reinvent Palm Springs Iconic Resorts

  • Posted By: April 04, 2019

By Randy Garner

Known as the “Capital of Cool,” Palm Springs has become synonymous with a sexy retro vibe that can be seen in stylish digs, open air lounges, poolside soirees, and scores of annual celebrations like the popular Modernism Week. Early modernist architects created a seamless indoor/outdoor lifestyle that has become a defining characteristic of Palm Springs. Now the Hermann brothers have brought their style to Palm Springs to contribute to the retro, yet modern design, with two iconic resorts; L’Horizon and The Weekend.

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