Grocery Store Shopping Guide

Posted By: Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Grocery Stores are open for business. They have limited the number of customers that can be in the store and implemented many new sanitation measures. Please practice social distancing and be safe. Here are a few tips for all shoppers, regardless of age, so they can protect themselves and others from virus spread at the grocery store:

Respect those "senior hours."

The point of reserving time for older and at-risk shoppers is to keep crowds away. If people outside of those groups don't abide by those rules, they put everyone in the store at risk.

Don't touch stuff.

If you aren't sure you're going to buy something, don't pick it up. Try reading the label without touching the item if you can. Many stores supply wipes for handles on carts and baskets. If that's available, use it before you begin shopping.

Wash your hands.

Do this before and after you go to the store! We know lots of people don’t experience symptoms until they’ve been infected for up to two weeks, so even those who don’t feel sick could be contagious. To protect yourself and other people at the store, head there with clean hands, and resist touching your face. Wearing gloves to the store may be helpful, but it does not exempt shoppers from avoiding face-touching and other behavior that could spread the virus. Remember, gloves can carry germs just like skin can so the rules still apply.

Keep your distance.

Is pretty hard to stay 6 feet away from everyone at a crowded grocery store. But by being patient and allowing time ant’d space for others to grab those carrots before you reach for the broccoli next to them, you decrease the odds of spreading the virus. This also goes for standing in line to check out: Even if 6 feet isn’t possible, leave more room than normal — much more room.

Clean items after buying.

When you get home, take a disinfecting wipe to all metal, glass and plastic containers you bought. 


99 Cents Store102 S. Sunrise Way, 8am - 9pm

Albertson's - 1751 N Sunrise Way #1, 9am - 9pm, delivery via Instacart. 

Senior hour daily 7 - 9am

Aldi - 5200 Ramon Rd, 9am - 7pm, delivery vis Instacart

Grocery Outlet - 350 S Palm Canyon Dr, 8am-8pm

Jensen's2465 Palm Canyon Dr: 7am - 9pm, online ordering and delivery available

Senior hour 65+, Monday & Thursday from 7-8am

Ralphs1733 E Palm Canyon Dr and 425 S Sunrise Way Ste A. 8am - 8pm, online orders and delivery through Instacart

Smart & Final, 5001 Ramon Rd Bldg 4, 8am - 8pm, online ordering for delivery through Instacart

Stater Bros - 1717 E Vista Chino:  8am - 9pm, delivery through Instacart

Senior hour daily 7:45 - 8:00am

Vons - 4733 E Palm Canyon Dr:  9am - 9pm, online ordering available, delivery through Instacart.

Senior hour daily 7 - 9am 

Walmart - 5601 E Ramon Rd:  7a.m. - 8:30pm, curbside pickup available. 

Senior hour daily 6 - 7am


Wallgreens offers Senior Day every Tuesday. Free shipping, drive thru, and Senior in store hour 8-9am.

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