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Keep your kids cool, Palm Springs style

Posted By: Wednesday, June 12, 2019

By Kevin Perry

Palm Springs knows how to chill out. We rock sunshine over 300 days of the year, so we have some expertise when it comes to summer living. Bring your family, friends, and fun-lovers to the capital of cool and let’s beat the heat together…

“Pool” Rhymes with “Cool” for a Reason

Slide into summer at Palm Canyon Resort, the key word being “slide” – that’s right, this pool is decked out (pun intended) with a waterfall, a snack bar, and a wet and wild slide! There’s also a poolside bar for mom and dad to stay refreshed while the little ones enjoy their 4,000th trip down the waterway of wonder.

Palm Canyon Resort pool


The Renaissance Hotel Palm Springs is a great pick for a reasonably priced, stylish hotel pick right near the downtown Palm Springs action. They offer a Renaissance’s ‘Navigator’ (onsite concierge desk and newsletter) to find local-favorite kid-friendly dining in Palm Springs. The Renaissance’s large outdoor pool is heated and open until 10 pm. There’s also a designated kiddie pool with an adjoining sandbox, plus plenty of poolside seating and lounge chairs.

renaissance hotel pool

But why settle for one pool when you can have eight? That’s right, you’ll do an octuple take at The Oasis Resort, home to tennis courts, billiard tables, BBQ realness and the aforementioned eight swimming pools. Their family rooms are perfect for an extended Palm Springs stay, and the resort is spectacularly, centrally located. So no matter what adventures you seek in town, you’re never too far from your 8-pool HQ.

Rise Above the Heat

For a uniquely Palm Springs experience, take flight at the Palm Springs Air Museum. We know what you’re thinking: a museum? But this attraction jettisons boring and brings your imagination to new heights of cool. Your young ones will marvel at the child-sized control tower and flight simulators. Take that, smartphones! And the whole family can stretch their legs and expand their horizons in the air-conditioned hangars that allow visitors to peruse the exhibits first hand. High-flying heroism meets down to earth accessibility!

palm springs air museum

And if you’re a local, or if your family is staying all summer, that’s great to hear! Get creative in the chill spaces of the Palm Springs Art Museum. Whether your kids want a burst of expression or a season full of events, this is the ideal place for the next generation of desert dreamers.

palm springs art museum


We All Scream for Palm Springs!

Summer without ice cream is like cake without sprinkles – what’s the point? Well, don’t worry because we’ve got three scoops of dairy delights piled up for you right here…

Lappert’s Ice Cream: Stop in for a deliciously unique experience from this California-based ice cream company. Choose from a huge selection of frozen goodies including ice cream, shaved ice, banana splits, milkshakes, sorbet, and even a Dole whip—a refreshing and delicious delicacy that you can only find in Hawaii, Disneyland and here!  Coffee lovers will find 2 times the satisfaction, thanks to Lappert’s Kona Mocha Chip: cold-filtered Kona coffee blended into premium ice cream, mixed with dark chocolate chips. Jumpin’ java, that’s delicious!

lappert's ice cream


Great Shakes: Online foodies give Great Shakes top billing when it comes to gourmet eats for cooling off. What makes their shakes and malts “gourmet”? Homemade salted caramel, fudge, and butterscotch sauces for starters. And just check out these flavors: Hob Nob made with honey, olive oil and basil, and Red Hot Chocolate made with roasted raspberries, jalapeño pepper and chipotle chili. More classic flavors are on the menu, too, in equally interesting combinations, like Buttered Pecan and Cakeshake (a hybrid hootenanny of flavor)!

Kreem: If your kids like to share their food on social media, then this gourmet creamery is a one-stop Insta-shop! Famous for their inventive concoctions and picturesque menu items, Kreem is a delicious desert dessert destination. What a tongue twister! Time to soothe the ol’ kisser with some more ice cream…

No matter what your family craves, from splashing around to hitting the town to chowing down, it all awaits in Palm Springs. See you soon!


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