The Best Wine and Beer Tastings in Palm Springs

Posted By: Monday, January 13, 2020

By Kevin Perry

It’s the quintessential, quenching, quite inviting question: What are you drinking? Bartenders ask it with a welcoming gleam in their eye, but it sends beverage aficionados into fits of ponderousness. You don’t want to commit to a bad blend or a bitter brew. You need something that elevates your palate and intoxicates your soul. However, your adventurous side yearns to conquer new flavor landscapes, so you don’t merely want to reply to your bartender with a defeated “the usual.”

The perfect solution: go tasting with us!


Transition seamlessly from hops to haute vintages at Dead or Alive. Their tasting tableau touches upon crisp beers like the Smog City Pilsner and Upland Sour before maneuvering you through such crave-worthy wines as the Champ Blanc and Gaspare. It is a playground of samplings, all set to the tune of live jazz! It’s what they do. Read more about the owner.

Dead or Alive


Need yet another reason to love Saturdays? How about weekly tastings at Bouschet; they rhyme with “gourmet” for a reason… a delicious reason! Their deli tantalizes the soul while their bewitching catalogue of spirits dance with destiny.

Get ready for your close-up at Fame Lounge downtown. Choose from 1, 3, or 6-ounce pours, or switch to beer and cigars if that lights your fancy. Fame is sure to become a star on your Palm Springs horizon.

“V” stands for “variety” at V Wine Lounge, the bespoke destination that offers over 80 wines by the glass. In addition to the full bar and charcuterie shenanigans, V harvests excellence from the finest vineyards in California and the wine world at large. Choose your own vin-venture.

V Wine Lounge

From the bold embrace of a Syrah to the light kiss of a Pinot Noir, Jalama Wines will transport you to new dimensions of grape-induced satisfaction, right here in the comfort of downtown Palm Springs.

Sip on over to The Parker and experience the transcendence of Counter Reformation, a medieval inspired enclave offering goblets of refinement and kingdoms full of great times. Amuse your sensibilities with a 3-ounce snifter of rosé distilled from Pinot Noir grapes. Cleanse your ecstatic palate before bubbling up to a 5-ounce serving size of brut champagne, pouring its way from Reims, France to your Palm Springs reality.

Counter Reformation



Tap out of the mundane and tap into a great time at La Quinta Brewing Co’s Palm Springs Tap Room. Locally brewed, La Quinta offers a rainbow of robust flavors like Palm Springs very own Koffi porter aged lovingly in bourbon barrels. Or lighten up with a Mango Manmosa, engineered to beat the heat with a fruity treat. Infuse your tasting experience with a cadre of ales, IPAs and ciders – how do you like them apples?

La Quinta Brewing


Just brew it at Las Palmas Brewing, the new kid on the block with menu items that shock (and awe)! Every glass is a whirlwind of meticulously layered notes. Take, for example, their South Island concoction, a mélange of Motueka methodology and Voss Kveik finishes. It all adds up to a third generation Saison that is second to none!

Las Palmas Brewery


Hit the refresh button at Persimmon Bistro. It is known for their wine, but give their craft beers a little love. With selections ranging from a 2.5% grapefruit radler to a 12% Belgian quad, they really put variety on the map.

Persimmon Bistro



Why limit your libations to beer and wine? Possibilities spilleth over the horizon at Wabi Sabi Japan Living, a spirited Zen outlet with sake tastings every day. Floral indulgence blooms from every droplet of Nigori and silky sophistication encircles each mouthful of Sho Shiku Bai.

Wabi Sabi


Now that you have sampled the best beverages in town, you will find yourself perfectly positioned to branch out deliciously. Wabi Sabi offers sushi rolling classes and home goods galore. Once you have whetted your appetite for shopping, pivot out the front door and into a downtown dreamscape. Fashion drapes your consciousness, fine dining beckons you from every corner, and vacation vibes envelope you in elation and splendor.

Once you get a taste of Palm Springs, you will yearn for a deluge of more, more, more…

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