The Best Pizza and Italian Food in Palm Springs

Posted By: Thursday, January 09, 2020

By Kevin Perry


Our hometown beckons talent and tastemakers from around the globe. No wonder so many skilled chefs have migrated to Palm Springs, bringing their authentic world cuisine to our local palates. We are the Mecca of mmm! Irresistible Italian cuisine, in particular, festoons our foodie landscape. The robust cheeses melt your heart and the sauces simmer in your soul. Dig into our list of fave flavors to sample during your next trip to town…



Fresh from the brick oven, by way of old Italia, Johnny Costa’s serves up pizza perfection. With succulent ingredients like Bufala mozzarella, artichoke hearts, and prosciutto, JC is a slice of heaven! Frank Sinatra frequented this home-cooking haven, and he left a lasting impression; there are still two menu items dedicated to the entertainment icon, one for each of his legendary blue eyes.

Johnny Costa Lobster Raviolo



Why endure a bitter Chicago winter when you can warm up to deep-dish, Giuseppe’s style! Wrangle a cascade of tantalizing toppings like fresh basil, Kalamata olives, and the ever-popular meatball. Or go the pasta route and think pink with Giuseppe’s signature vodka sauce. You can’t go wrong with entrées this strong!


Rest your taste buds on a pillow of pure gnocchi splendor at Sammy G’s, the downtown grill with upscale Italian flavors. Your appetite will waltz through a rainbow of elation as your toes tap to live music, in-house five days a week!

Sammy Gs Mussels



Olives are a miracle of gastronomy. They create essential oil, they perk up pizzas, and don’t even get us started on martinis – fahgettaboudit! The olive is front and center at this eatery that bears its name. Immerse yourself in flavor with fresh seafood options like prawns, diver scallops, and bianco mussels & clams served in a pinot grigio sauce. L’Olivo rises to the top!


​​​​​​​Authenticity simmers in every corner of Il Giardino, the understated eatery that brings rustic Sicilian recipes to life. Conveniently and unassumingly tucked away on Indian Canyon, Il Giardino evokes the majesty and marvel of old country cooking techniques, right here in the convenience of Palm Springs.

Il Giardino



For a quick bite or a full night, visit Bill’s. Deliciously located near the best bars in town, their specialty pizzas like The Umami will fuel your evening or serve as a perfect nightcap once the fun is done. Bill’s is a cornerstone of Palm Springs nightlife and noshing done right!

Bills Pizza


​​​​​​​For a bespoke pizza experience supreme, warm up to Birba. Signature pies include everything from pear and candied walnuts to prosciutto with honey and chili oil. But the unwritten special of the day, every day, is Birba’s intoxicating atmosphere. Dine under the stars and linger in Mediterranean garden surroundings. They out the ahhh in al fresco!




You have the right to remain satisfied! NYPD Pizza protects and serves up thin crust mastery with a bar beverage to wash it down. Imbibe the friendly vibes or call for delivery. Lock down menu items like Misdemeanor, Infraction, and Homicide – this place is so good, it’s a crime!


Happy hour is even happier at Al Dente, where you can enjoy Gamberoni Scampi or Penne Arrabiata con Salcice for nine dollars or less. And their “angry style” arrabiata with crushed peppers and garlic will leave you smiling, despite the name. Viva Palm Springs!

Al Dente Palm Springs



Let’s talk. Crust is underrated. It is the foundation upon which all great pizzas are built, and yet we take it for granted. For shame! Brickworks changes the conversation with a crust that demands attention. From their apple & pear salad to their zombie pizza, Brickworks has deliciousness covered from A to Z.

Brickworks Pizza



As you enter Palm Springs via Highway 111, double-check your passport because you will pass through Venezia first. This welcoming enclave makes its own Ravioli Picchio Pacchio, a dish decked out with creamy Bolognese galore.


Celebrate three generations of affability and affordability at Mario’s. Grandpa Del Guidice opened shop in 1972, and his prices haven’t changed much since then. For a savory sensation supreme, try their Puttanesca concoction, swimming with capers, anchovies and olives. Perfecto!


The devil is in the delicious details, which is why Nicolino’s Chicken Diablo Lasagna is a sinful masterpiece! Ricotta and mozzarella cheeses battle for dominance, but the real winner is you. Sop up the spicy sauce with a generous hunk of Nonies garlic bread and savor the decadence…


Cozy, hearty, and fulfilling, the Spaghetteria exudes love with every dollop and morsel. Their hospitality is at the top of the menu, which dazzles the senses and delights each grateful patron. The Spaghetteria elevates lasagna and pizza to a work of arte, so paint your palate soon!


Your friends and family are already jealous of your Palm Springs excursion, so why not double down? Bring them delicacies from the Real Italian Deli such as house-cured meats, gourmet olive oils, and fresh mozzarella (which you can sample in the shop)!



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