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Palm Springs’ Legendary Movie Colony Hotel

  • Posted By: March 29, 2019

By Randy Garner

Frank Sinatra partied here. Marilyn Monroe slept here. In pop culture lore, Jim Morrison jumped into the pool here - from his second-floor balcony. The 16-room property sits at the edge of Palm Springs’ “Movie Colony” neighborhood, where Golden Age film stars like Cary Grant, Jack Benny, Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh once owned vacation homes. The neighborhood’s many high walls, thick hedges and a lack of sidewalks are reminders of how the stars valued their privacy. 

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Meet Michael Stern, Owner of The Modern Tour

  • Posted By: March 22, 2019

By Kevin Perry

Conventionally, buildings are constructed to protect us from the elements. Roofs keep out the rain, walls battle back the cold, and our respective abodes create a shelter from the dreaded world outside. But in Palm Springs, the architecture is designed to amplify our wondrous surroundings.

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Gary And Kathy Friedle, Owners of the iconic Monkey Tree Hotel

  • Posted By: February 26, 2019

The term "boutique hotel" gets thrown around quite a bit, but you won't be disappointed when you book a room at The Monkey Tree Hotel, a very private, 16-room oasis set on one acre. The hotel was designed and built in 1960 by the renowned midcentury architect Albert Frey and was meticulously renovated in 2015 by its current owners, Gary and Kathy Friedle.

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Touring Achitecture in Palm Springs

  • Posted By: February 26, 2019

Over the last couple months we’ve had a look at some amazing homes in Palm Springs.  While they’re spectacular, many of them are off limits to the public. Fortunately there are some equally stunning public buildings where you can enjoy modernist architecture up close without a trespassing ticket!

We consulted expert Robert Imber, who runs Palm Springs Modern Tours about some of his must see architecture spots in the desert.  As far as public buildings go, he couldn’t pick just one!

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Ever wondered what inspired the colorful look of the Saguaro?

  • Posted By: February 22, 2019

Look no further than the California desert and its indigenous wildflowers for the 14 striking hues. The pattern and design of the Saguaro Palm Springs was the invention of Peter Stamberg and Paul Aferiat of Stamberg Aferiat + Associates in New York who used the colors found in the flora of the Mojave Desert to create the Palm Springs hotel. The colors of plants and flowers in the Sonoran Desert set the foundation for the design of its sister property in Scottsdale.

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Desert X 2019

  • Posted By: February 18, 2019

By Barbara Beckley

From awesome art in the solitary sand to Palm Springs’ bus stops, stairs to nowhere at the Salton Sea, a glittery ghost palm and mid-century modern architecture as a sounding board, Desert X 2019 has turned the Coachella Valley into an artistic canvas for all to enjoy.   Feb. 9 - April 21, 2019.     

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8 Must See Modernism Week Events

  • Posted By: February 05, 2019

By: Modern Mary at Acme House Company Vacation Rentals

Each year tens of thousands of design and architecture enthusiasts flock to Palm Springs to soak up the sun and celebrate everything midcentury. 

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Palm Springs' Art Scene Thrives

  • Posted By: January 15, 2019

As Desert X returns to the Coachella Valley and new art installations arrive in the city, Palm Spring’s allure for art and architecture lovers is going from strength to strength. From artworks across the desert landscape and intriguing ‘giant babies’ to celebrations of modernism and renowned architecture, Palm Springs has it all.

Desert X  - February 9th to April 21st 2019

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Modernism Week 2019 Tickets on Sale Now

  • Posted By: December 17, 2018

This 10 day signature event focuses on mid-century modern design and architecture that makes Palm Springs so unique. Over 75 events including Palm Springs Modernism Show at the Convention Center; Frey II House Tours, Double Decker Bus Tours, films, lectures, interior design tours, swanky parties and other special events. 

Here is a quick look at some of the events. Go to Modernism Week for a full listing.

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Leading Edge Palm Springs Art Museum A+D Center

  • Posted By: November 08, 2018

By Christina Cary

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