Keeping Everyone Safe While Visiting

  • Posted By: June 12, 2020

While visiting Palm Springs, we want to assure you we have implemented significant measures to make you feel comfortable so you can enjoy Palm Springs and the surrounding area during your visit. Employees are required to wear masks. Here are some health and safety measures you can expect during you stay.


Exploring Palm Springs

Have a face cover with you when exploring Palm Springs. You are not required to wear them in open spaces provided you are practicing social distancing. You must use your face cover when in any business building.

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Tips for Visiting Responsibly

  • Posted By: June 10, 2020

You've been dreaming of sunshine on your face and getting away to some wide open space for some time now. Palm Springs has some of the most beautiful desertscapes in Southern California and we’ve missed you very much. Long-distance relationships are so hard. But wait, finally - the hotels are open again! When you're ready to swap your PJs or yoga wear for a swimsuit, there are a few things to keep in mind to be sure you (and others) are safe.

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What's Open and What's Not

  • Posted By: June 09, 2020

Palm Springs reopening is here and we are thrilled to welcome you back. Learn about what's open in Palm Springs along with any restrictions. This information is updated frequently and will help keep you in-the-know.

Updated July 13


Agua Caliente Casino Palm Springs 




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Palm Springs Retail Businesses with Online Shopping

  • Posted By: March 26, 2020


Art Supplies

Jack Farley’s Art Supplies


Clothing, Fashion, Accessories, Jewelry

Bear Wear - LGBT, men’s clothing, locally owned

Benjamin Perdereau -  locally owned

Birkenstock - shoes,  locally owned

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Grocery Store Shopping Guide

  • Posted By: March 24, 2020

Grocery Stores are open for business. They have limited the number of customers that can be in the store and implemented many new sanitation measures. Please practice social distancing and be safe. Here are a few tips for all shoppers, regardless of age, so they can protect themselves and others from virus spread at the grocery store:

Respect those "senior hours."

The point of reserving time for older and at-risk shoppers is to keep crowds away. If people outside of those groups don't abide by those rules, they put everyone in the store at risk.

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Touring Palm Springs on a Bike

  • Posted By: March 09, 2020

By Kevin Perry


A desert vacation provides a chance to disconnect. Unplug the phone, switch off the TV, and just exist! But let’s not forget the biggest source of SoCal stress: traffic.

Road rage is a daily reality in Los Angeles. When you leave the big city to escape to Palm Springs, you may feel an urgency to conquer the freeways and beat the rush. But once you arrive in PS, the anxiety melts away. Our streets are paved with calm. Where better to enjoy a relaxing bike ride?


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Palm Springs is the Perfect Destination for a Wellness-Inspired Getaway

  • Posted By: March 06, 2020

The new year is in full swing and it’s safe to say we all have a growing list of New Year’s Resolutions for 2020. Whether you’ve made a goal to read more books, be more spontaneous, go to the gym more, spend more time outdoors, or simply take care of your mental health––there’s one place in sunny SoCal that has all you need to make those wellness-inspired goals a reality.

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48 Hours Outdoors in Palm Springs

  • Posted By: February 19, 2020

By Kevin Perry


Before we even finish this sentence, we’re guessing you can name the number one reason why everyone loves Palm Sprin—


That’s right, our climate is as warm as our welcome. We average 269 sunny days per year, and we make the most of them. Our temperate winter climate complements the sunlight to keep you cool, calm, and connected. The forecast calls for fun, so explore all that Palm Springs has to offer…



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Ride in Style with BIKE Palm Springs Rentals

  • Posted By: February 19, 2020

By Kevin Perry

In California, our vehicles are our bubbles. They encase us in radio waves, air conditioning, and tinted windows, locking us away from the beauty of our surroundings.

But Tony Torres is about to burst that bubble.

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48 Hours in Palm Springs for the Modernista

  • Posted By: January 31, 2020

By Barbara Beckley

It’s not just architecture that makes Palm Springs the modernism capital of the world.  It’s everything!

Modernism is a way of life here in Palm Springs. From cocktails to clothes, pools to supper clubs, décor to events like Modernism Week – Palm Springs has never left the swinging ’50s and ‘60s.  

Remember the ‘60s smash movie Palm Spring Weekend?  That’s all the time it takes to trip the light fantastic and star in your own glamourous Palm Springs story – titled perhaps, “The Real Rat Pack of Palm Springs.”  

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