Family Fun

Family Fun
Family walking through the VillageFest

If you're looking for great activities and family fun on your next trip to Palm Springs, follow this blog to get the inside scoop on kid-friendly events, discounts and how you can enjoy a break too!

Kreem Artisanal Ice Cream

  • Posted By: February 07, 2019

By Kevin Perry

Chatting with Bianca Simonian makes you realize that anything is possible, from whipping up a batch of espresso lavender ice cream to launching successful eateries in two desert lands on opposite ends of the earth. Her revelations prompt the listener to do a delicious double take.

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Choose Your Own Blissful Adventure in Palm Springs

  • Posted By: November 02, 2018

By Erin Behan -November 1, 2018

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Palm Springs Family Adventure

  • Posted By: July 26, 2018

My family was paced and ready for a much anticipated three-day adventure to Palm Springs, California. The kids were on break from school and we had been planning for weeks. After a quick stop we were checked into our hotel within half an hour of landing. So easy.

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VillageFest is the Street Fair You Need

  • Posted By: July 24, 2018

By Kevin Perry

The workday is over. The weekenders haven’t arrived (yet). The sun is falling behind the San Jacinto mountains and the evening lights begin to glitter.

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Take Your Family for some Sweet Treats

  • Posted By: June 22, 2018

By Kevin Perry


Vacation is a time to shed your inhibitions, to indulge in excess, to be frivolous and fun-loving and free. In short, it’s your chance to be a kid again with your kids. As a premiere vacation destination, Palm Springs is the ultimate fountain of youth, offering gourmet treats and everything neat; it’s a wonderland designed to satisfy children of all ages (especially the grown-up variety). So let’s skip backwards in time and forward to our list of must-visit sweet spots.


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Ten Pet Friendly Palm Springs Restaurants

  • Posted By: Palm Springs Insider March 16, 2018

Palm Springs is very family friendly, so be sure to include your pet on you next dining adventure.  After all, aren't they part of the family too!  Here are a few restaurant options to get you started.


664 N Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA, US, 92262

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Take me out to the ball game

  • Posted By: Palm Springs Insider January 22, 2018

The Best Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving in Palm Springs

  • Posted By: Sarah Romero November 22, 2016

The rest of the country may be celebrating November 24 in chilly temperatures, but Palm Springs is sunny and warm! That’s why Thanksgiving in Palm Springs is one of the best times to unplug and play with family. Whether you’re in town for the whole week or just one day, show your family you’re thankful to have them. Use this list to make the most of your turkey day.


golfing in Palm Springs

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5 Things to Do Before Going Back to School

  • Posted By: Sarah Romero August 05, 2016

Summer is flying by, and getting back to school is right around the corner. There are still a few weeks left for summertime fun, however. If you’re looking for some family-friendly activities to fill your end-of-summer calendar, we’ve got you covered.

Check out these 5 Things To Do in Palm Springs before going back to school:

Wet n Wild Palm Springs

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