A World Of Fitness In Palm Springs!

Posted By: Friday, March 22, 2013

Want to keep your momentum going strong towards achieving your own unique fitness goals, even while enjoying our desert oasis on a getaway or extended stay?  Then you'll definitely want to check in at the largest facility, the gym with the best 'Visitors Welcome' policies and pricing,  World Gym Palm Springs! Occupying a whopping 33,000 square feet, World Gym has everything you need to stay fit and full of energy, refreshed, chilled out and pumped up!

There are two very large cardio decks on which you will find ellipticals, recumbent bikes, treadmills, rowers, stair climbers, and hand peddlers. Each deck is packed with the newest model of each, along with large fans to help you keep your cool while burning off the calories you took in out on the town in Palm Springs last evening. Then head onto the polished concrete floors of the main gym to find an amazing array of weighted exercise machines and equipment, enough to make even Arnold, our former 'Governator', proudly say Yaaaa! A wealth of muscle blasting machines, cables, Olympic weights, dumbbells and  barbells, along with all the required accoutrement are available to help you get your pump on during your stay here in our desert oasis. And should you need to work out on the quick, you'll even find a 'fast lane' machine row which allows you to work every muscle group in just 30 minutes, sending you back out in plenty of time to continue your adventure in Palm Springs.

Perhaps you're in the mood for a group exercise class before or after a delicious meal in one of our many wonderful desert eateries. Then you are in luck! The menu of classes offered at World Gym PS has something for everyone, and all are lead by very well qualified and highly experienced instructors. You're encouraged to choose from several offerings at many times and days throughout the week, including heart pounding cardio Spin, the always fun Latin dance phenomena known as Zumba, the best core and abs class you can imagine at The Harris Method, Yoga classes to strengthen and center your entire body and mind, a time saving 20 minute abs session, as well as the fun, fast, furious and fierce strength and endurance class known throughout Palm Springs as The GFW...G-Force Workout! 

When you are done hitting the weights or finishing up a group exercise class, you'll want to refresh in one of the spacious, well equipped locker rooms available to both men and women at World Gym PS. Each offers steam and sauna rooms, private and open showers, tanning booths, restrooms and plenty of lockers to stow your workout gear. The friendly and helpful team at the Reception can set you up with everything you need to look and feel your best before venturing out to continue your Palm Springs holiday.

Make sure to rack 'em and run at the desert's one and only pool table to be located within a gym facility. You'll need a protein drink to pack on the muscle after your workout, so stop by the World Gym Cafe to select over 20 different and delicious options, as well as protein packed bars and snacks. The cafe is located next to Reception and has several tables and chairs in which you can relax, refresh and renew yourself pre and post workout. 

World Gym Palm Springs is unique in that, although you may be a visitor to our desert paradise, you'll feel like family upon your first visit, wanting to return again and again. 


  • Friday, November 17, 2017 07:02 AM
    Hi I am visiting Palm Springs and wondered about your visitor pricing. I would like to attend a class or two during my week stay. 801.230.3207
  • Kalanea Admin Tuesday, October 31, 2017 09:05 AM

    How amazing to see the defifrence in the facility in less than 1 month! Not only the facility saw changes though. This past week we showed 3 women who had never attended Zumba just how fun it could be to work out. And we had a client who had never been on a pole doing a fireman spin by the end of the week.Seeing people get stronger and more confident. Or finding a joy for movement that they didn't know they had. Having FUN together! That's why we do what we do! -Carrie

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