48 Hours Outdoors in Palm Springs

Posted By: Wednesday, February 19, 2020

By Kevin Perry


Before we even finish this sentence, we’re guessing you can name the number one reason why everyone loves Palm Sprin—


That’s right, our climate is as warm as our welcome. We average 269 sunny days per year, and we make the most of them. Our temperate winter climate complements the sunlight to keep you cool, calm, and connected. The forecast calls for fun, so explore all that Palm Springs has to offer…



Even before you step foot in town, the hypnotic windmills along our northern ridge will wave you in. Take a tour that brings you behind the oscillating curtain and inside the powerful world of desert energy. Knowledgeable guides devote two full hours to the history and majesty of the mills, which you can photograph from several vantage points. The tour makes several stops to maximize your perspective, including this delicious destination: a complimentary date shake harvested from local ingredients.



While you’re in the area, discover all that La Plaza has in store. This outdoor retail space offers open-air shopping, pubs and bars, and patio dining at laid-back eateries such as L’Atelier Café.

La Plaza



To start your morning on the right foot, tiptoe over to Running Wild. Their shoe selection will give you the support you need to appreciate the full splendor of paradise, on foot.

Embark on a walking tour with Palm Springs Historical Society. Whether you are interested in our celebrity pedigree or our world-renowned architecture, PSHS has you covered. These tours are designed to showcase various fascinating facets of our hometown and illuminate what makes us so special. Make history with PSHS.

Palm Springs Historical Society Walking Tours


All that walking demands sustenance, so juice up at Raw Remedy. They celebrate your healthy side without skimping on satisfaction. And once you get your fill of essential fruits and vegetables, get acquainted with the regional vegetation at Moorten Botanical Garden. Their cactarium will have you on pins and needles!




A robust network of hiking trails cradles the outskirts of Palm Springs. You can easily access Indian Canyons, just minutes from downtown and miles from the ordinary. Greet the new day with a morning hike full of waterfalls, rock wall art, and even a possible glimpse of endangered species!

Indian Canyons


If cycling is more your speed, trek over to Bike Palm Springs. They offer rentals that range from traditional models to motorized options, and their midcentury storefront is an Instagram opportunity in and of itself.

bike palm springs


You should also check out Big Wheel Tours, an adventurous organization that not only rents bikes, but also provides Jeep excursions to iconic landscapes. Conquer the San Andreas Fault, rock out at Joshua Tree National Park, or bring the day full circle by exploring the parts of Indian Canyon that you couldn’t reach on foot.

As dusk surrenders to night, book a trip to outer space, courtesy of Skywatcher Star Tours. Cuddle up in a blanket and cozy up to the cosmos, as spied through the lens of a powerful telescope. The tour provides all of the above, plus snacks and enough interstellar expertise to fill a galaxy.



Farewells are so maddening; they really tee us off! Speaking of which, be sure to sneak in a quick 18 holes or so at Escena Golf Club. It’s the perfect way to step back from the workaday world and just… be. Gaze at the San Jacinto Mountains and grab one last nosh at the Lounge & Grill.


As your 48 hours draw to a close, take one last, longing look along the horizon. It charts where you have been and where you are destined to return. When you book your next visit to our invigorating hometown, remember: the sun never sets on the beauty of Palm Springs.

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