12 Best Burgers in Palm Springs

Posted By: Tuesday, December 17, 2019

By Kevin Perry

A good burger is like a great vacation; they both deliver simple satisfaction as they recharge your soul. No trip to Palm Springs would be complete without a taste of our no-nonsense noshes. The right burger puts you in the mood for indulgence and fuels your paradise party with protein power! We’re stacking up the competition for your dining pleasure, so open wide and take a ride on the succulent side…

The Heartstopper @ John’s - Be-still our beating palates! John’s is serving up excess with maximum success. Their Heartstopper burger piles bacon, sausage, cheese and a fried egg atop a 1/3 pound patty. It also features a tomato slice, because… health. And if you like your burgers served up midcentury rare with a side of fierce fries, then John’s is an essential stop on your tour of the Palm Springs diner-scape. Step back in time while simultaneously enjoying fresh grub and throwback aesthetics galore. Tip: This is a favorite of the locals and often overlooked by visitors because of its more basic decor.

John's Burger


Gastropub Burger @ Native Foods - Take a break from the meat-quake with a plant-based selection from Native Foods. The Gastropub burger marinates your taste buds in a tomato “bacon” jam and garlic aioli wonderland of vegan flavors. The texture of the velvety patty juxtaposes brilliantly with the crunch of fried onion rings, and the entire production nestles seductively in a mouth-watering pretzel bun. We’re twisted in joyous knots just thinking about it!

Native Foods Burger


The Eight4nine Burger - Everything about the Eight4Nine burger is bespoke. They concoct their own garlic dill thousand island spread to slather on a brioche bun to create a gourmet foundation upon which to build a legendary lunch plate. Choose between white cheddar and blue cheese as you thrill to the refreshing mélange of ripe tomatoes and butter lettuce. And the patty de résistance: ground tenderloin beef cooked to your specifications. Eight4Nine adds up to burger perfection!

849 Burger


Big Kid Burger @ Revel Public House - Bring your appetite back to basics with a traditional treat that feeds your inner child. Revel Public House isn’t kidding around with their Big Kid burger, layered with American cheese, grilled onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and the kick of an ever-essential pickle. This menu mainstay proves that sometimes, you just can’t improve on the classics.

Revel Burger


The 187 @ Smokin’ Burgers Lounge - You’ve lived a good life, so tempt fate as you torch your tongue with the jalapeno-infused 187 offering from Smokin’ Burgers Lounge. They were voted “Best in the Valley” for a reason: the heat of the 187 scared the competition away! Laced with grilled habañeros, a ghost pepper sauce, and an ancho chili spread, this burger hurts so good…

Mushroom Burger @ Woody’s Palm House - Here’s another award-winning, finger-licking, plate-cleaning revelation: Woody’s Palm House takes their mushrooms seriously. In addition to grilled slices of the signature topping, this quintessential Palm Springs eatery makes its own mushroom aioli. For a fab meal with some fungi flair, knock on Woody’s door!

Stacked Veggie Burger @ Trio - We just can’t shake the earthy embrace of mushroom realness, so the next item on our list puts the Portobello on a pedestal (where it belongs). Trio combines roasted Portobello with caramelized onions, goat cheese, eggplant, and roasted red peppers, then sprinkles the playful vegetarian shenanigans with a basil pesto dressing. You’ll be green with envy if you miss this marvel!

Trio Vegie Burger


Bacon Cheeseburger @ Tyler’s - “Meat” us at Tyler’s Burgers for a Palm Springs foodie experience like no other. This cozy café is situated in the beating heart of downtown and their menu is unassuming yet refined and robust. Pair your burger of choice with a root beer float or homemade lemonade and immerse yourself in gastronomic elation.

Tylers Burger


The Big Kahuna @ Bongo Johnny’s - OK, the warm-up is over: it’s time to get real… real big, that is! Bongo Johnny’s supersizes your smile with a Big Kahuna that really lives up to its grand reputation. Hoisting two half-pound patties onto a bun of your choosing (potato, vegan, or brioche), the saucy staff doubles the bacon and triples your pleasure. Garnished with herb mayo and Bermuda onion, this behemoth will transport you to burger heaven.

The Original Zin Burger - For a zin-ful option packed with Zen galore, visit Zin American Bistro. Their Original burger elevates your palate with Imperial Farm Wagyu beef, then brings you gently back to earth with hearty red onions, caramelized into silky sweetness. Fiscilini white cheddar dances along the ½ pound patty jauntily as fresh tomatoes mingle juicily with the other intoxicating ingredients.

Anything @ Wilma & Frieda - We love to serve up options aplenty, so we’re ending with a smorgasbord of selections. Wilma & Frieda craft their superlative patties from chopped chuck and short ribs, then they leave the meat of the matter up to you. Cheese things up with your choice of havarti, mozzarella, Brie, blue cheese, or Gruyere, just to name a fabulous few. Add sautéed onions or bacon to rocket your taste buds further into the burger stratosphere!

Wilma and Frieda Burger

Palm Springs cheeseburgers are designed to break the rules. They feel like a full meal, yet they offer the convenience of gourmet on the go. Whether you prefer your patties upscale or down-and-delicious, bite into one of the dazzling dozen burger innovations listed above and celebrate transcendence on a bun.


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