Kathy Condon was born and raised in Tomah, Wisconsin. She lived 4 years in San Fernando Valley, CA;  4 years in Shepherdstown, WV; 4 years in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands (Where she received her BA in English and Art); and 26 years in Vancouver, WA. 

On June 12, 2012, she woke up to one more gray day in Vancouver, Washington. That was it! She decided she was moving to Palm Springs, CA. The task of sorting and selling her possessions began. She drove down with a carload of her clothing, and some of her favorite things.

Today, Kathy Condon happily lives in Palm Springs, CA. She is known as an adventurer and seeks new experiences around every corner.    She is an Acclaimed Speaker, Trainer and Author on Business Communication. She has written three books on communication. Her book It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask It’s All About Communication was named “Best Book Finalist” by USA Book News. http://www.kathycondon.net  

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