At thirty-two years of age, having been a member of several gyms in his 20's, Ted became certified as a personal fitness trainer through an A.C.E. course at Los Angeles’ Loyola Marymount University. That educational experience helped confirmed that he was naturally attracted to helping others achieve their unique fitness goals. Now at the age of 56, he has been an avid and eager traveler for the last 35 years. After living the 'Aloha' on Maui for 8 beautiful years, California has been home the majority of his life. Our desert oasis of Palm Springs Ted's home since 2006. 

Ted's past experience includes both owning and operating of personal training studios in Palm Springs and Sacramento California. He is elated to call World Gym Palm Springs his home for business, where he maintains a full schedule as a sought after personal fitness trainer, as well as lead G-Force Workout, a 45-minute, fast-paced strength and endurance interval fitness training class set to great music. It’s his personal creation and it’s appropriate for all ages and fitness levels! Whether you’re a member or just visiting on a day-pass, you’re welcomed to join his G-Force Workout Fitness class held five times a week at World Gym.

Should you visit here on a weekend getaway, a vacation or, perhaps, for even longer as one of our Snow Birds, Ted's wish is that he assist you to discover and experience 'all things fitness' during your stay in Palm Springs! Physical activities you can partake in right here and right now. Ted is passionate about his Palm Springs home. It truly is 'Like No Place Else' and he hopes to convey that passion to you! You can find Ted Guice on the web at .

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