Balisage Bistro

P: 760-460-4565
145 N. Gene Autry Trail , Palm Springs, CA, 92262

Balisage; the marking of a route by a system of dim beacon lights enabling vision under blackout conditions.The use of dim lighting to enable navigation, in the absence of light a silent illumination shines.

Our well seasoned Chef is sharing his years of flavorful experience and culture with everyone in the desert here at Balisage Bistro in palm Springs. Located right next to Atlantic Aviation on the private sector of the airport.

We serve unique gourmet meals prepared with only the best produce, quality meats and game. "We ensure the quality of our dishes with the quality of our ingredients." From fresh baked breads and signature pastries, our standards of food and service are among the very best.

We cater for in-flight jets and planes through our neighbor, Atlantic Aviation. We also provide full service gourmet catering and event planning for all occasions. The love we put into our food is endless.

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145 N. Gene Autry Trail , Palm Springs, CA, 92262