Eight Most Instagrammable places in Palm Springs

Top spots your Instagram followers will love

Posted By: Palm Springs Insider Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Old Tramway Gas Station


Image: Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism

Now the Palm Springs Visitor Center, it’s the first building to greet you as you approach from the West on Highway 111 from Los Angeles. The building dates back to 1965 and was designed by famous Swiss-born architect Albert Frey and Robson Chambers. Its dramatic backdrop is the San Jacinto Mountains make the building even more dramatic.  The Visitor Center also is on the corner of Tram Road which is the entryway to the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway.


Palm Springs Welcome Sign

Palm Springs Sign900X675.jpg

Image: Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism

Instagrammers love to take selfies in front of the Palm Springs welcome sign, just steps away from the Palm Springs Visitor Center.  This is a signature image that “proves” you were in Palm Springs and most visitors know its location.  The never-ending blue sky and striking mountains make this scene like no place else.


That Pink Door

Palm Springs Pink Door900X600.jpg

Image: Katy Carrier

Palm Springs is a destination for lovers of midcentury architecture and design, and the colorful and unique doors have become something of a sensation.  In particular,  the pink door is a visitor favorite because of the bright pink door.  #ThatPinkDoor has been tagged on Instagram more thousands of times and is the perfect Palm Springs photo op.


The Saguaro Hotel Palm Springs

Saguaro exterior900X620.jpg

Image: Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism

The Saguaro Hotel is known as the "rainbow hotel," and you can see why. The interior and exterior both display bright colors that make for a picture-perfect Instagram.  It simply begs to be photographed and changes colors and hues as the sun’s reflection changes.  The Saguaro is home to Splash House, one of Palm Spring’s highly Instagrammed signature summer events.

The Indian Canyons

Indian Canyons900X500.jpg

Image: Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism

The sacred Indian Canyons, which is the Indian Reservation to the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians, are nestled on the edge of the desert floor.  Murray and Andreas canyons offer up a literal oasis of hiking opportunities. Sights like waterfalls and huge fan palm oasis will make your ‘gram pop. 


Ace Hotel & Swim Club


Image: Sheree Frede

The Ace found a neglected treasure in Palm Springs — a mid-century desert modern former Westward Ho with a Denny’s — dusted it off, gave it some love and made it into Ace Hotel & Swim Club. This has become a very popular destination all year.  Their custom sign greeting you at the entrance is one of Palm Springs most Instagramed backdrops.


Parker Palm Springs


Image: Lacie Hansen

The Parker Palm Springs has a storied history dating back to the late 1950s , but it was its reincarnation in 2004 as the Jonathan Adler-designed boutique property that has helped lead to in now being a Leading Hotel of The World.  This elegant resort hidden behind this highly Instagrammed iconic wall, has become synonymous with celebrity visits and high profile buy-outs.


Morton's Botanical Gardens


Image: Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism

Long established in beautiful Palm Springs since 1938, this arboretum was created to share with everyone the beauty and extraordinary varieties of desert plants from around the world.  Featuring desert trees and cacti from miniatures to giants, it offers a collection of more than 3000 varieties of plants designed in concentrated habitats along a natural trail.  The highly Instagrammed  exhibition of quite rare plants is the world's first “Cactarium". 



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