Props and Hops Craft Beer Conclave

Palm Springs Air Museum, Palm Springs, CA, 92264


*Past Event

Saturday, November 10, 2012; 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Palm Springs Air Museum, Palm Springs, CA, 92264

Instead of airplane enthusiasts, self proclaimed “beer geeks” will take over the Palm Springs Air Museum on Saturday for the Props and Hops Craft Beer Conclave.

Beer aficionados and regular Joes that like throwing back cold ones will get an opportunity to sample holiday releases, stouts, porters, ales and lagers inside the Pond hangar, for what organizers say will become an annual event.

“It’s really about a place to sip some great beers and have some fun music and mingle. You have every demographic of person there. They are there for one reason: to try to great brews,” said organizer Cliff Young who also developed the Palm Springs Food Truck Festival.

Live bands will perform and gourmet food trucks will provide sustenance and serve up fare specifically selected to pair well with the beers.

There may be words like “malt” “hops” and “esters” being thrown around as beer connoisseurs talk about flavor characteristics and appearance.

“There are a couple of breweries new to the scene I’ll be curious to try,” said Chris Anderson, president of the Coachella Valley Home Brewers Club.

The club, with more than 50 members, will have a presence at the festival providing home brewing demonstrations and advice for wanna-be brewers.

Many of the club members participated in the Home Brewing Competition at Schmidy’s Tavern on Saturday, part of the conclave.

All the winners will be announced during the Props and Hops festivities.

“It’s very rewarding to take something from grain to glass. There’s an artisanal feeling that goes along with it,” said Anderson of brewing his own beer.

He’s won more than 500 medals for his beer over the 15 years he’s brewed and looks to add a couple more to his collection on Saturday.

“I didn’t always like beer, until I got involved in the brewing process. It allowed me to have a better understanding,” he said.

The conclave is a one stop shop for not only craft beer lovers and experts like Anderson, but also those who want to learn more about craft brews in general.

Young said all the breweries in attendance will have a representative from the brewery available to talk to the public about their beer and brewing.

“This is really them educating us about their beer,” said Young.

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