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The Palm Springs Convention Center
277 N Avenida Caballeros
Palm Springs CA 92262
Local: 760-325-6611
Fax: 760-778-4102

Career Opportunities

Executive Director      
James Canfield
Executive Director
P: 760-322-8400
F: 760-778-4102

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Rick Leson
Regional Director of Sales & Marketing
P: 760-322-8402

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Eileen Reilly
Director of Finance
P: 760-322-8404

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Mario Irrera
Director of Operations
P: 760-322-8401

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Mary Jo Ginther
Director of Tourism
& Marketing
P: 760-778-8415
F: 760-323-3021

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Sales   Administrator Public Relations
Paula Helm
Senior Sales Manager
P: 760-322-8405

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Kara Walker
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Randy Garner
Public Relations Specialist
P: 760-322-8425
F: 760-323-3021

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Shawn Sande
Sales Manager
P: 760-322-8467

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Event Services Human Resources PSAV Audiovisual & Telecommunications

Sabrina Yakovich

Sales Manager

P: 760-322-8477

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Kristie Dore
Senior Event Manager
P: 760-322-8465

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Camille Steele
Human Resources Manager
P: 760-322-8417
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Dave Bernal
General Manager
P: 760-322-8437

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Ron Palmtag
Sales Manager
P: 760-322-8411
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Alejandra Garcia
Event Manager
P: 760-322-8464
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Savory's Catering
Lynne Toles

Director of Catering
P: 760-322-8432
F: 760-778-4103

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Lito Oliveros
Sales Manager
P: 760-322-8455

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Ashley Yanez
Sales Manager
P: 760-322-8406
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Chauncey Rafferty
Event Manager
P: 760-322-8466
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Wray Brownlee
Catering Sales Manager
P: 760-322-8433

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Howard Kinney
Director of Operations
P: 760-322-8426

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