Buy it Right off the Walls -- Almost -- at the Palm Springs Ace Hotel & Swim Club

Posted By: Barbara Beckley Thursday, August 22, 2013

There’s simply no limit to the shopping opportunities in Palm Springs. From now until they’re sold out – hotel guests can purchase the art that’s hanging on their guestroom walls at the Palm Springs Ace Hotel & Swim Club. Well, you can’t really take it off the walls, Lisa Lavora, Ace Hotel spokesperson, made clear. But almost.

You’ll find two unique designs of a series of original silkscreen prints by artist Aaron De La Cruz clipped to the wall inside your guest room. If you like the look, simply go down to the front desk, buy one or both of these limited editions and take them home. Buying art can’t get any easier. It’s a most creative, collectible Palm Springs memento.

Inspired by De La Cruz’s emotional experiences during travel, the works reflect his style of bridging the gap between fine art and design. “For these works, I was imagining a range of emotions that I typically experience when I travel; from serenity to sometimes complete agitation. Both pieces represent this range. I feel that these two designs work really well as a body of work next to each other,” he explained.

The hotel front desk has 50 prints of each design, each hand-signed and numbered by De La Cruz. Each unframed print is $85. The works are available exclusively through the Ace Hotel & Swim Club in collaboration with Arkitip, a limited-edition, hand-numbered art book publisher which is the curator for this creative exhibition. 

What does the artist think of this off-the-wall exhibit? “I’m excited to have my work presented in an elevated environment that is outside of the gallery.” What do the guests think?  The concept has been well received, Lavora told me. “Guests think it’s cool to have original art in their rooms and be able to buy it.”

De La Cruz was ranked one of the 25 Most Important Artists by Complex Magazine in 2011. His work, which ranges from large matte black inverted sculptures and large-scale outdoor murals to stark two dimensional ink paintings, has been exhibited at the Known Gallery in Los Angeles, Arkitip’s Project Space and most recently at Honolulu’s Loft in Space where he’s a regular contributor to the seminal Pow Wow arts and culture annual event. The Toyota Prius Project also commissioned his work. It’s no fun, but the works are also at


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