Angel View Palm Springs Shopping Alert!

Posted By: Barbara Beckley Friday, September 14, 2012

Great news for bargain hunters! If you liked the Angel View Prestige Boutique at 462 N. Indian Canyon Drive, Palm Springs – before. You’ll love it now. Adult clothing: $1 a piece, socks: 25 cents a pair, nick-knacks: four for $1, books: 25 cents each.


The desert’s go-to for fabulous finds of all kinds has just undergone a major revamp. It’s now home to the first Angel View Clearance Center, which opened in August inthe big building in back of the Prestige Boutique. Inside, tables are piled with clothes; and the shelves are packed with nick-knacks, books, tapes and household items.


Angel View Resale StoresTrue – there’s not much order. You have to pick your way through the clothes. But who cares? The possible rewards are worth it. I found some stylish tops and a couple of cute dresses. The usual mugs, candlesticks, vases, toys and other chotchkies caught my eye on the shelves – now four for $1.


People are getting great deals,” Betsy Bradley, one of two new Angel View employees hired to staff the Clearance Center, told me. “People had huge bags stuffed with back-to-school items.”


What is the Clearance Center? Why the amazingly low prices?  Angel View has 12 resale stores throughout the area. Items that don’t sell at these other stores now come to the Clearance Center. In the past, I was told, the leftovers were sold to a salvage yard. Now, customers have a block-buster retail opportunity – and Angel View gets a bit more money to support disabled young people. 


The Prestige Boutique in the front also has a new look. But don’t worry. The great resale clothing and accessories for women and men, from prom dresses to golf shirts, are still there – plus shelves filled with the better china, vases and other small home décor. The new modern customer bathroom is a welcome addition.


Furniture (which used to be in the back building) has moved up to a new store adjacent to the Prestige Boutique. All the wonderful art work, paintings, prints, room décor, couches, tables, chairs, cabinets, chandeliers – even the occasional electric golf car – are displayed together in this new spot for exciting decorating possibilities.


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