The 4 Rules for Summer Beauty from Palm Springs' Spa Guru

Posted By: Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What’s the true secret to showing off silky-smooth skin – the kind that makes heads turn with envy -- in the hot summer sun?  What’s the worst thing you can do to your skin? I posed these questions to Robert Seibel, spa director at the Riviera Palm Springs – where the sizzling pool scene demands that hipster sun-seekers keep their cool with bikini-perfect skin. Robert Seibel, spa director at the Riviera Palm Springs


 Robert’s rules of summer:    


  1. Use sunscreen. But not just any sunscreen. It has to be for your skin type: dry, sensitive or oily. Minimum SPS 15. What if your skin reacts badly to sunscreens?  Find a moisturizer that includes sunscreen. Look for a hypo-allergic or a brand for sensitive skin. What if your skin simply can’t tolerate sunscreen?  Wear a hat!  


  1. When outside and undercover or in the shade, if you can see a shadow on your skin – remember you are still not protected -- UV rays are raining down, damaging your skin.


  1. Get a professional facial when the seasons change. Our facial skin is 1/3 thinner than our body’s skin. When spring turns to summer – the changes in the air affect our skin; evaporation and dryness set in. A good, deep professional hydrating facial every quarter will re-nourish the complexion and prime it to better accept moisture so you can maintain your skin at a higher moisture level at home.


  1. Repair your skin ASAP. If you do get sunburned, ease the aggression and stop the skin from drying out immediately. Use a “calming cream” to stop the redness and aggression, and a hydrating or balancing cream to stop the dryness. SkinAuthority Calming Mask & Calming Cream provides immediate results for both. 

For a sunburned face, go to bed with a masque on. Our facial pores open up more when we sleep -- so the masque ingredients will be better absorbed. Use a nourishing calming or balancing masque. The redness will be gone in the morning.  If all else fails – break open an aloe vera stalk and smear on the healing goo.  


#1 Worst Possible Thing to Do to Your Skin:  


Put oil on. When the sun heats up the oil – it’s the same as oil heating on the stove. You are literally cooking your skin.


#2 Worst Possible Thing to Do to Your Skin:  


Not removing the salt at the beach or the pool. Once you’ve been in the ocean or in the pool, the sea salt or the chlorine stays on your skin. Both are very drying. At the very least, rinse off with water every time you emerge. Never reapply sunscreen after coming out of the sea or the pool, without rinsing off first. The sunscreen locks the salt onto your skin, doubling the drying effect. 


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