Renting a home for your stay - Why choose Oranj Palm

Posted By: Erin Lawrence Sunday, February 5, 2017
Many visitors, tourists and snowbirds are familiar with websites like AirBnB or VRBO when it comes to booking a vacation rental property. But in Palm Springs, there are several local rental agencies who can help you find a home to stay in too.

It goes without saying these agencies have specialized local knowledge, often work with local homeowners, and have staff nearby if anything should go wrong.

Learning about Oranj Palm

Oranj Palm is a local rental agency specializing in finding perfect accommodations for visitors.
The company first opened its doors back in 1972 and was then known as Palm Springs Rental Agency. With 45 years of experience in the market, today it’s a popular choice with tourists.

The Oranj experience is different from other agencies. For starters, you’ll check in at their central office to pick up your keys, directions and instructions for your home.

“We have a unique inventory of vacation homes and condos that is hand-picked and curated by our acquisitions team,” explains Oranj’s Karlos Salinas. “Plus we also offer a guest services team available 24/7 during the guest's visit. On the other hand, anyone can list their property for rent on AirBnB or VRBO and the traveler is not guaranteed the face-to-face interaction we provide as a local property manager.”

Oranj has a variety of rental properties available for guests to choose from on its website.

“We manage around 300 properties with a range of accommodation styles from one-bedroom condos to six-bedroom pool homes from Palm Springs to La Quinta, CA. They are available for rent daily, weekly or seasonal,” says Salinas.

Oranj is different

I had an opportunity to spend time at an Oranj vacation rental. The experience was definitely different from other agencies and from what you can expect from the larger rental websites.

First you chose the property you want to rent from their website where you can browse photos and filter by amenities, location and more. Once booked, you just need to check in on arrival.

I drove over to Oranj’s sunny offices in Smoke Tree Commons on Highway 111/East Palm Canyon Drive where I was met by a clerk who checked me in, in essence, similar to a hotel experience. I’m provided paperwork and confirmation of my stay as well as a set of keys, a garage door opener and a passcode for the home’s security system. Fortunately our home is a short drive from the office. Look at this as a concierge service with face to face interaction, if you will. It’s something you definitely won't get from most online rental interactions.

What’s it like at an Oranj Palm vacation property?

The home was comfortable and well appointed with a large open concept living area and a kitchen stocked with essentials and gadgets.

Outside, the sprawling pool was ringed by several fruit trees, and it wasn’t long before grapefruit juice was flowing. The bedrooms were large and comfy and we didn’t find the home lacking anything we needed during our short visit.

The checkout process was similar to check in; we locked up the home and set the alarm, then returned our keys at the Oranj office.

So why rent locally, instead of choosing a hotel?  Salinas says it’s about getting comfortable, and having space like you and your family could at home.

“Vacation rentals, are hands down, the best way for Palm Springs visitors to enjoy an affordable and comfortable stay, Oranj Palm offers properties with more room to relax after a long day of activities and provide unique amenities and services versus the limited accommodations and space found at even the highest-rated resorts and hotels.”

So when you’re planning your next trip, check out a local rental agency’s offerings, like Oranj Palm.  You can find their website here.


  • Wendi Ehreman Saturday, February 11, 2017 6:14 AM

    Can you send me some 2 bedroom rentals with pool for the month of May and prices for Palm Springs?

  • Laurent St-Cyr Sunday, February 12, 2017 12:13 PM

    Please send me more info on home rentals for March.

  • Erin Sunday, February 12, 2017 16:24 PM

    Hi Wendi and Laurent, Please contact Oranj Palm directly for more information (links are in the article). Best of luck and enjoy your stay.

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