Renting a home for your stay - Why choose Vacation Palm Springs

Posted By: Erin Lawrence Monday, December 26, 2016
Many visitors, tourists and snowbirds are familiar with websites like Airbnb or VRBO when it comes to booking a vacation rental property. But in Palm Springs, there are several local rental agencies who can help you find a home to stay in too.

It goes without saying these agencies have specialized local knowledge, often work with local homeowners, and have staff nearby if anything should go wrong.

Learning about Vacation Palm Springs
Vacation Palm Springs is one of those agencies. VPS, founded in 2001, manages more than 500 properties in the greater Palm Springs area; everything from luxury estates, to homes and condos, as well as celebrity homes. Whether you’re searching for a one bedroom condo or a nine bedroom estate, there’s an option for you on Vacation Palm Springs rental site.

The Vacation Palm Springs website is easy to navigate, allowing you to surf gorgeous properties according to their size, or location, as well as amenities. The photographs are professional, and give you an accurate sense of what your rental property will look like.

Why go with a local agency?
Travelers may wonder why they should choose a local rental agency, when other websites claim to have more selection, and convenience.

“Vacation Palm Springs is an established, reputable business that has served thousands of satisfied guests, giving you peace of mind about your vacation plans,” explains the company on it’s website. I contacted Justin Vasquez, Business Development Manager from Vacation Palm Springs to elaborate.

“We care! We pay tremendous attention to guest satisfaction and we understand people are what matter most in the vacation home rental business: your happiness, your enjoyment and your Palm Springs vacation home experience.”

While it’s not something they tout, having a local contact, with a physical address nearby can be a huge help to a visitor if something does go wrong.

Is a local agency expensive?
Local agencies don’t have to be expensive. As Vasquez puts it, “we have the right property for every budget. Our team is friendly, energetic, diverse and helpful.” Indeed, when you have listings for everything from one bedroom condos to multi-bedroom luxury homes, the prices will vary greatly.

What’s it like staying at a Vacation Palm Springs rental home?
I had an opportunity to spend time at a Vacation Palm Springs rental home. The registration process was easy, and I received a confirmation email with all the details I’d need for my stay as soon as the booking was finalized.

Just before arrival, I received another email with the home’s address and driving directions, as well as the combination code to the lock box that contains house keys.

On arrival, we followed the instructions for how to locate the lockbox, which were very clear, and we were easily able to get our keys and get into the house quickly.

The home was spectacular. All three bedrooms were comfy, and everything was very clean. The pool and backyard were meticulously kept and there were fruit trees for fresh juice — a luxury for this Canadian visitor! The home had a garage for our car too which was convenient.

The kitchen was very well equipped for our stay. Drawers and cupboards were labelled, and there were plenty of dishes and kitchen tools for any meal prep we needed. There was even a juicer so we could make our own fresh citrus juices!

A binder in the home contained info for us about local restaurants, a well as questions and answers about the home and how things like the fire pit, hot tub and pool work. It was definitely easy and trouble free to stay here, and we had no need to call VPS for any assistance or help during out stay.

When it came time to check out, that process was easy too. We merely returned the keys to the lock box, and drove away!

In short, my experience with Vacation Palm Springs was easy and trouble free. Everything from the reservations and confirmation process, to the check-in email made it absolutely hassle-free for us. And the property itself was well appointed, beautiful and equipped with all the amenities we could want in a vacation home. I can definitely recommend Vacation Palm Springs to other travelers.


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