Top Picks for a Dog-Friendly Palm Springs Getaway

Posted By: Thursday, November 29, 2012
Want to get away to Palm Springs but don't know what to do with Fido for the weekend? Well, bring your furry friend along! Plenty of Palm Springs hotels, parks and patios are pooch-friendly and ready to accommodate your beloved pet. Here are some of the best dog-friendly hotels, restaurants and activities in Palm Springs.

There's no shortage of pet-friendly hotels in Palm Springs. Your pup is sure to be pampered at the Viceroy Palm Springs, which offers a special Pooch Menu for Fido. Items like protein burgers and peanut butter and jelly bits can be delivered right to your room, and if you have a busy schedule, the Viceroy's staff will be happy to walk your dog or pet-sit.

The Parker Palm Springs is another great choice for a pet-friendly weekend getaway. Your dog will receive a bed, bowl, treats and a chew toy. At the Riviera Palm Springs, your dog will be treated to amenities like a bed, bowl and special treats, and at the Ace Hotel and Swim Club, your dog can spend an afternoon frolicking around the onsite dog park.

Looking for a Palm Springs hotel without an exorbitant pet fee? The historic Casa Cody Inn will cater to your furry companion and the nightly pet fee is just $15.

With outdoor dining possible all year long, it's no wonder Palm Springs restaurants are often judged by their patios. Luckily for dog-lovers, many of the city's restaurant patios are ready to welcome furry guests with open arms and water bowls. Spencer's and Jake's, two of Palm Springs most notable restaurants, were both named for the owners' beloved dogs. And at both restaurants, your four-legged friend will be treated to a spot on the patio and a bowl filled with fresh water.

Your pup is also welcome to dine on the patio at the former Cary Grant estate, now known as the iconic Copley's on Palm Canyon. Alternatively, you and Fido can dine in modern style at LULU, or go for an authentic New York deli experience at Sherman's Deli.

Pack a Frisbee, grab the leash and take your dog to the Palm Springs Dog Park on Tahquitz Canyon. Or for a dog-friendly workout, pack some water and hit one of Palm Springs' dog-friendly trails. Two of the most popular trails for dog owners are the Palm Springs Museum Trail and the South Lykken Trail. For more information on local hikes in Palm Springs, click here.

If you want to enjoy nature without the exercise, head to Moorten Botanical Garden. Dogs on a leash are welcome to explore the thousands of cacti at this desert retreat.

A number of boutiques in Palm Springs cater specifically to your furry friend. A few of the top doggy boutiques are PAWZ Palm Springs in the Uptown district and Cold Nose Warm Heart in the downtown area. Fresh and nutritious treats await at Bones N Scones in South Palm Springs, and if your pooch is in need of some pampering, be sure to stop in at Bath and Brush for a grooming session.


  • Peg Smith Sunday, May 26, 2013 11:14 AM

    A list of pet friendly hotels/motels would be preferable to your above article on such. Pet owners looking for lodging need access to what's available before they can begin to arrange their stay. Prices would be a good addition as well.

  • Jorge Saturday, January 3, 2015 13:16 PM

    Great article thank you! Peg Smith needs to be a bit more self sufficient and thankful!

  • Jim H Tuesday, February 3, 2015 17:10 PM

    I came across your article when researching dog friendly places in PS. Nice to know we won't be stuck eating drive-thru while there with my pet. I have been to PS twice and love it. But I didn't bring my dog and I really want to be with him when I'm having such a great time.

  • Bonnie Tuesday, March 24, 2015 12:50 PM

    Important for visitors to know that it is against the law to leave an animal in a vehicle in Palm Springs, ever. All the more reason pet friendly places are so welcome. there are also new doggie daycare businesses in town And be mindful of our very hot pavements! If you can't comfortably hold your hand on the pavement, it's too hot for dog paws

  • Jordan Friday, May 1, 2015 21:34 PM

    YES! ^Peg and Bonnie. You can bring your dog literally anywhere in Palm Springs. I live close to Palm Springs, and I take my little guy practically everywhere- shopping, pools, restaurants, hiking, coffee shops, etc. They're very dog friendly here, just make sure you clean up after them, keep them as safe as you would your kids, and make sure they're well behaved so you don't offend or scare anyone. A list of hotels would be nice for this article, yes. I was looking for a spa to take my dog to during the day actually and came across this- its tags kind of misled me because the information I'm looking for obviously can't be found on this website. So self sufficience has nothing to do with it, some people are looking for specific information. During the information age, we want exactly what we're looking for as quickly as possible, and leaving the writer a tip to better serve their readers isn't a bad idea. =) One Dog freindly hotel I know of is the ACE. They have a salt water pool and you can bring your dog to hang out there, as well as enjoy an indoor/outdoor bar poolside with servers. Another is Dog Spa Resort in Desert Hot Springs, across the IH 10. Their rates are pricey, as in $150-$200, and its a rather small (6 room) resort. However, its intimate, not oversaturated with people, very dog friendly (poolside pups!) and prefer people with kids no younger than 12, so no rambuncious loud play. They have a dog park as well. Lastly, La Quinta Resort in La Quinta, Ca is one place to remember. Its about 30 miles east of Palm Springs, but if you're in it for the nice weather, art, and fine dining, La Quinta is a lovely place to visit and my favorite desert town in the Coachella valley. Known for celebrity visits and memorably, the location where Bing Crosby wrote the famous song "White Christmas", its one of the only places I've found that offers a couples massage for you and your dog. I think that's awesome! Its one of the pricier places to stay, though, but for a reason- its a stunning place to visit. Also, great hiking, scenic walkways, local farmers markets, and upscale dining is available within walking or biking distance. Old Town La Quinta provides shopping an dining, as well as being within walking distance of the La Quinta Arts Festival once a year- the highest-selling arts festival in the country. I love La Quinta....

  • Gaby Saturday, August 8, 2015 20:57 PM

    is there a place where dogs can go for a swim in PS?

  • Autumn Monday, September 14, 2015 21:32 PM

    Thanks for the info! Was the first paragraph with great hotel recommendations added later? I'm confused why people are asking for hotel suggestions.

  • Natalie Sunday, October 25, 2015 13:51 PM

    This may help...

  • Marc Wednesday, October 28, 2015 12:31 PM

    I just called the Ace where we had a booking for next week and their pet policy had changed: dogs are no longer allowed by the pool or outdoor bars where food is served. They said this is a new Palm Springs local law that came in to effect in September. I would imagine that affects many restaurant patios so I'm really confused. Anyone heard of this? Thanks.

  • ann wallace Monday, November 16, 2015 15:35 PM

    Jerry brown signed a law this year that dogs are allowed on all restaurant patios.

  • Jane Sunday, July 16, 2017 12:29 PM

    Thanks for the great article and the informative comments. I am moving to Palm Springs and it is good to know what I can/can't do with my goldie.

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