Art Scene: The Michael Weems Innovative Collection of Bold Art

Posted By: Nicole Borgenicht Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Known in part for his Autoerotica art, Weems combines clashing elements with humor and finesse. Large constructs made from auto parts are welded and meshed with sculpted pieces and photos of American symbols, cartoony signage, desert landscape, nudes and Universal motifs. The immediate character of each piece is reflective due to the metallic material and it resonates in us the natural blend of hard and soft. This reflective quality also presents however unconsciously the journey into our world through a sepia desert scene or big heart symbol placed amidst a large yet familiar shape without the restriction of traffic. Each Autoerotic sculpture has a fun message balanced with a massive construct mysteriously sexy. 

Michael Weems describes the origin of this specialty art: “Autoerotica came to life after I spent a few years perfecting the process of merging my photographs along with the vintage American Automobiles. It's been a labor of love and very well received by my clients around the world. I invented the process and patented it.  Hence, I am the only person in the world creating these original one of a kind pieces.”

The versatility of the sculpture is evident as Weems sells and ships the Autoerotic art throughout the world to grace people's homes, offices and even boats.

At the gallery there is: jewelry, lighting and comical porcelain serving trays, plates with desert imagery all made from unique material or with the care of a period design are all display at the Michael Weems Collection. Each item, small or large is a conversation piece and objet d’art. Whether presenting images of bold lines, x-ray renditions of chandeliers, or colorful mid-century pictures on tabletop trays - all entice a big smile.

“I have so much passion behind the pieces that I create that when people come into the Gallery I am so excited to share with them what I currently have that that exuberance flows to the client and the entire process is fun. Plus I'm a huge kid at heart.....still,” says Weems.

When it comes to jewelry, there is a hot new collection to purchase and show off. It’s also fun to share how they are made. Micheal Weems says, “The Majority of my jewelry I make from vintage Cadillac parts. After years at Tiffany & Co. and Gucci, I wanted my jewelry to be very sexy and have weight with a reasonable price. Every piece is made by hand and most are in the $235.00 range.”

In addition, his art presents a sensational variety of moods from silly vases of creepy doll heads, to caprice lighting, incorporating the gamut of full-blown expression. 

Weems explains his varying temperaments and announces his exciting new works: “I am a full of life Piscean man - so, all of the sides of my personality and my experiences comes out in my work. I have just created collections for the upcoming season... My Pool Series in Dishes, My Joshua Tree Rocks Jewelry Collection, My New Porcelain Vintage Collection and a New Series of Works on Cars in Autoerotica.”

Lastly, the mid-century modern motifs on porcelain trays mimic an “upbeat” flavor endemic to the period, Palm Springs and of Michael Weems art. He’s launched innovative au courant pieces on this period:  “The Architectural series of Palm Springs Iconic houses is the real collection that resonates with clients during Modernism week in addition to my works in Autoerotica. I have so many clients from London and all of Europe that love this work. It's original and forward thinking with a respectful nod to the past. You can't constantly bow down to the same chairs and lamps from the 1950's, you must keep it fresh and new as well.”

There are two galleries in downtown Palm Springs:

The Michael Weems Collection 

384 N. Palm Canyon Dr. Palm Springs, CA 92262  


382 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92262 

(760) 534-1805

Michael Weems


  • David Schwabauer and Michael McMahan Sunday, November 16, 2014 22:43 PM

    What a great gallery, fun new use for old used materials. Michael has a true talent that fits in so well with Palm Springs and Southern California. Thank you for the fun and whimsical trays!!

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