A Sunset Tour of the San Andreas Fault

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Posted By: Kathy Condon Monday, August 25, 2014

Summer nights are beautiful in the desert to enjoy the desert backcountry in a sunset/stargazing tour. Keep in mind, that you can take day tours during the summer as all tour companies have great a/c in their vehicles. Recently, I went on a sunset tour with Desert Adventures Eco-Tours- here is my inside scoop on a truly unique experience. 


The adventure begins when you meet the others who will be traveling with you on this three- hour journey. (You can also rent the jeep and have a private tour with your friends.) From the minute you hop up into the jeep you start learning about the geography, history and geology of the desert.  The guide begins sharing information about the Coachella Valley as you drive to your destination; the 820-acre ranch is only accessible by Desert Adventure Eco-Tours.

Part One 

You arrive at a natural palm oasis and learn about how the area once served as the center of life for the Cahuilla Indians.  You feel like you have stepped back in time as the guide explains how the various indigenous plants were used for food and medicine. 

Part Two

The jeep’s next stop is a recreated Cahuilla-Indian Village. A mural in the long house illustrates life as it evolved over time for this tribe.  This site can be rented and was developed so events up to 300 people can be accommodated.

Then you go down still another dirt road and you think, “I wonder if this is what the moon looks like?” The jeep drives up an actual wash created by downpours—no real road exists here.  As the path narrows, you can see evidence of fossils in the steep rock formations.

The paths narrows and soon the jeep cannot go any further.  You are handed a flashlight and the foot journey begins inside the final narrow crevice where the actual North and South Andreas Fault plates meet.  If you have any aversion to narrow spaces or uneven walkways, this is not the place for you.

Part Three

By now it is dark and you are taken up still another road. The guide stops and says, “Head to the picnic table”.   You find yourself in sort of a crater, which helps block out the lights of the Coachella Valley.  You look up and the stars seem brighter than you have ever experienced. What follows next, with the help of a laser pointer, and a satellite connected device, is a commentary on the stars and planets that show themselves to you that evening.

If you are physically fit, an adventurer and a person who wants to learn, this is the tour for you.  Some say that the “San Andreas Fault Jeep Tour” was one of their favorite experiences. It is something to definitely add to your bucket list.

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  • Scott Scott Tuesday, September 9, 2014 8:14 AM

    Hi, There's another tour company that you may want to include, Trail Discovery, operating over 20 years, 

  • Diann Diaz Monday, June 22, 2015 14:10 PM

    How do I reserve two spaces for a day trip to see the San Andreas fault

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