Desert Spotlight

Desert Spotlight

From Broadway-caliber productions to rare art exhibits and collections…find out what world-renowned artists and performers are coming into town.

Pool Attire – all things you’d need for a pool and places to get in Palm Springs

  • Posted By: Palm Springs Insider May 11, 2017

Hats, swimsuits, towels, unique floats, sunglasses and sunscreen, are necessities for Palm Springs summer. It’s finding the perfect chaise lounge and pool that can be challenging with so many options in Palm Springs. Here are a few places in Palm Springs where you can find your pool necessities.

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Nightlife on and off Arenas Road

  • Posted By: Palm Springs Insider May 10, 2017

For the uninitiated, the biggest concentration of LGBT nightlife in Palm Springs is on E.  Arenas Road, between S Indian Canyon Drive and S Calle Encilia.   The largest nightclub on the block and the largest gay nightclub in Palm Springs is Hunters.   It includes a main bar and patio lounge and a separate dance space that opens on the weekends and special events.  While the clientele is mostly gay men, Hunters is lesbian and straight fr

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Dining at Palm Springs' oldest restaurants

  • Posted By: Erin Lawrence May 01, 2017

Greater Palm Springs Restaurant Week kicks off next month (June 2-11, 2017). While there are a host of great new places to try, there are also some restaurants that have been around for longer than some of us have been alive! These are three of the oldest restaurants in the city.


Melvyns - Opened in 1975

200 West Ramon Road

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Travel from LA to Palm Springs in comfort

  • Posted By: Erin Lawrence April 10, 2017

TeslaGetting from Los Angeles to Palm Springs can’t always been easy. Renting a car is the best option, but not everyone is keen to drive two hours in some of the worst and most intimidating traffic in the USA. You can fly or book a connection, but that has its costs.

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What To Drink At Counter Reformation At The Parker Hotel

  • Posted By: Lawrence Karol April 06, 2017

The Parker Palm Springs hotel is set on 13 acres that feature lush plantings, meandering pathways, two pools, a spa, and multiple Counter Reformationrestaurants.


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Elevate Your Dining Experience at Peaks Restaurant -- Where the Cuisine is as Spectacular as the View

  • Posted By: Barbara Beckley March 17, 2017

A new executive chef (formerly of the Parker Palm Springs), a new menu, new craft cocktails and a new owner (Palm Springs local John Fritch) make Peaks Restaurant (, at the top of the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, a fine-dining experience par excellence.  

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What To Drink At The Exotic Bootlegger Tiki

  • Posted By: March 15, 2017

Back in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s, Tiki restaurants were a popular national phenomenon and one of the best known of the genre was Don the Beachcomber. The chain's Palm Springs location opened in March 1953 on the corner of Via Lola and North Palm Canyon in what's now the city's Uptown Design District.

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Celebrities love Palm Springs

  • Posted By: Erin Lawrence March 06, 2017

Leo Dicaprio HomeFor decades Palm Springs has been a celebrity playground.  You can’t toss a tumbleweed without hitting homes that belonged to the likes of Liberace, Debbie Reynolds or Frank Sinatra.

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Meet Andy Wysocki and Bill Sanderson of Townie Bagels

  • Posted By: Lawrence Karol February 14, 2017

You might not think it would be hard to find a great bagel in Palm Springs—but you'd be wrong. Unless, of course, you head to Townie Bagels inBagels the south end of town.


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Checking In To The Rossi Hotel

  • Posted By: Lawrence Karol February 03, 2017

The option to stay in your own private oasis within a private oasis may sound like an unlikely possibility, but at The Rossi, it will be a dream come true.

Rossi Pool





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