What To Drink At The Sexy Dead Or Alive Bar

Posted By: Lawrence Karol Friday, April 21, 2017

Even if you've visited Palm Springs multiple times, you'd be forgiven if you've never happened upon Dead or Alive, a seductive beer and wine bar in South Palm Springs. One reason for your oversight may be that this hidden gem has no signage. But wine and beer aficionados will be delighted when they discover this lounge that owner Christine Soto describes as, "Dark, sexy, relaxed. Great for conversation and good drinks."

"Dead or Alive was the name of a different business many years ago that didn't get off the ground," says Soto. "My friend—and business partner at the time—and I got Dead or Alive tattoos to celebrate . . . and, well, the rest is history."

For first-time visitors, Soto recommends they try the Dead or Alive Pinot Noir. "We worked with Brooks to create a special blend that you can only get at Dead or Alive," she says. "Otherwise, the menu is changing constantly [so] don't get too attached to any one thing! We thrive on variety and adventure."

But you just might get overly attached to Chef Tanya's vegan "Crack Cheese."

"You can tell by the name [it's] addictive and delicious," says Soto. "And recently Frankinbun [a local gourmet sausage shop] started making us our very own potato chips which are amazing. Again, at the moment, both are only available at Dead or Alive!"

150 East Palm Canyon Drive, 760-864-7193, deadoralivebar.com

Photography by Kenton Drew Johnson


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