How to Turn a Vacation Rental into the Family Castle

Concierge Services

Posted By: Sarah Romero Thursday, July 10, 2014

Your Palm Springs vacation rental is booked. The kids and nana are excited to be spending a long-anticipated, much-deserved, extended vacay in the sunny So Cal desert. That’s the good part.

Now, for the complicated part. One of the kids is celebrating a birthday during your trip, you’ll be taking the dogs with you, and nana’s not all that keen about the day in your itinerary that calls for an excursion to Wet ‘n’ Wild water park. Before your dream vacation turns into a National Lampoon summer, here’s what to do to make it feel more like a stay in the family castle: Book a local personal concierge service in Palm Springs.

A personal concierge service can help make a vacation rental feel like the family castle.A personal concierge service can take care of party planning, pet sitting, companionship for the elderly, transportation to and from the airport, grocery shopping, and babysitting.

The company you booked your Palm Springs vacation rental through do have concierge services available too and can also point you in the right direction of a reputable Personal Concierge. 

Otherwise, here are a few suggestions to get your search started (remember to thoroughly vet any company before hiring):

You’re on holiday. Allow yourself the perk of a personal concierge. The helping hand can make your stay in a Palm Springs vacation rental feel comfortable, pampered, and relaxed, just the way you imagined it would be.


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