Sitters Make Date Night During Family Vacation Possible

Posted By: Sarah Romero Monday, July 22, 2013

On vacation or at home, our most precious cargo is always our kids.  Having kids along on vacation doesn’t mean you have to forfeit a nice, uninterrupted, grown-up night out with your better half, though.  And enjoying a date night doesn’t mean you have to forfeit the kids’ safety, either.  If you’re looking to hire childcare for a few hours or a full day while you are in Palm Springs, here are two local companies to jump-start your search.

Desert Super Sitters
Popular with O.C. and L.A.-based travelers, Desert Super Sitters’ primary asset is its owner, Christina Ellwood, whose immersive experience in the fields of child development and education has resulted in a growing, professional network that’s up on all the latest there is to know about child care.  Their comprehensive website gives parents access to sitter profiles, and specialty placement with a “play-date” sitter or “manny” sitter (who is also a certified life guard that gives swim lessons) provides unique, active experiences for kids.  (760) 401-6248;

Celebrity Sitters
With a pool of child care providers that includes retired teachers and current child care professionals, matching a sitter’s energy level to the child is important to Celebrity Sitters.  Younger sitters are paired with older kids who need someone to keep up with them; more mature, experienced sitters are matched with younger kids; and a sitter is available for children with special needs.  Pet sitting services are also part of their repertoire, providing care at hotels and vacation rental homes.  (760) 251-4567;


It goes without saying that it’s imperative to do your own homework and vetting before hiring anyone to watch your kids. Call and talk to the owner or representative of the company directly, as well as the scheduled sitter, about your family and circumstances.  It’ll give you an idea of who the business is and will be your first opportunity to gauge your level of comfort with using that particular child care provider.  Use Yelp and Facebook to see what others are saying about the company’s services, too.  Bottom line - make sure the person you hire to care for your kids, even for a short time, is someone you feel is a safe caregiver and good fit for your child and their unique personality.  Because peace of mind does wonders for the perfect date night!


  • Christina Ellwood - Desert Super Sitters Monday, July 29, 2013 11:29 AM

    What a wonderful opportunity to mentioned in your blog! We prove ourselves on offering the very best professional Childcare providers out community has to offer. We are here to help familiarize you with our services.

  • Sarah Romero Friday, August 9, 2013 5:26 AM

    Our pleasure, Christina. Thanks to you and the other companies for providing this great service that allows for some parents-only time. Sometimes we need time to recharge so we're at our best during family time. And other times, there are things we need to tend to/events we need to attend that aren't kid-friendly. It's nice to know that there's this option.

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