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Keep That Pump Going Strong With Former Mr. Universe, Jean Pierre Fux

Posted By: Ted Guice Thursday, November 21, 2013

When it comes to all things health and fitness in our beautiful Desert Oasis of Palm Springs, you’ll usually find me writing about a great outdoor venue to exercise or a top notch gym facility, a unique to the desert business or a can’t miss event. For this blog post, however, I’d like to shake things up and bit and tell you about another one of a kind option you may reap the benefits from on your next visit here with us in paradise.  Most of us have heard of or, perhaps, experienced for ourselves the healthy benefits, the healing energy, the restorative powers of the desert. We feel awesome and more alive being here! There is an amazing array of spas, health and fitness clubs, skin care and massage therapy choices, restaurants that know what you want in healthy choices while vacationing (just catch the incredible menu options to keep you on track at the Fabulous Palm Canyon Hot Spot...Lulu!), as well as some of the best and brightest health care professionals in the nation. 
And then…there’s an internationally known treasure that few have actually experienced, but that we here in the Desert have come to know as ‘one of our own’. That treasure is the amazing  former Mr. Universe… 
Jean Pierre Fux! And he is now one of Palm Springs most sought after and ‘must train with’ Personal Fitness Trainers available to the fortunate few who take the opportunity to learn and grow under the tutelage of this ‘Muscle Master’!
Born and educated in 1968 in Brig, Switzerland, J.P. Fux attended High school in Naters and Trade School in Brig with degree in Sales 1986.From a very young age, he wanted to become an athlete of any sorts. It did  not matter in wh
at sport specifically. He just wanted to get physical….and he certainly did just that in a big way! J.P. started to play soccer the second he could walk. He played active soccer for the Football Club Naters from 1973 till 1983, making a huge impression. He made the All-State team in 1982. During his active soccer years, he tried out for Track & Field, immediately earning notice as a team star. He won the state 80 meter championship 1981! His stints in Gymnastics and bicycling were rather short because, as he says, he wasn’t talented enough to succeed. I somehow seriously doubt that, but…he’s way bigger

than I…so I’ll just let it go. In 1983 in the public pool in Brig he met former Swiss Bodybuilding champion, Roger Albrecht. J.P. was so impressed with the man that he actually quit soccer that day, a game he truly loved, and immediately joined the local gym in Brig to become a bodybuilder. After just six years of training, he showed the judges and the audience exactly who he was. J.P. impressed them all, winning his very first title and became the Swiss Champion in Bodybuilding.

Following his first incredible, muscle blasting success, he went on to compete internationally. This level of competition was a dream come true for the rising star! He proceeded to win the coveted and prestigious IFBB Mr. Universe 1994 title in Shanghai China. From 1996 till 2001, J.P. competed in four Mr. Olympia contests, where he placed as high as seventh…a stunning achievement for any pro body builder! Although that level of competition was curtailed due to short due to a serious accident in 2001, J.P. Fux is alive and well, thriving and educating others 24/7/365.  I am proud and elated to have him as a colleague and friend both!

 J.P.’s vast experience off the stage has garnered him the reputation of a pro as well. He has worked very successfully in many branches of the fitness industry.  From 1988 to 1990, he took the helm for Gym 88 in development of fitness equipment. From 1990 to 1996, he associated with Ultimate Nutrition in the supplement business, representing the brand first in Europe and then, from 1995 till 1996, taking his star representation worldwide. From 1996 to 2004, he went to work for internationally know Weider Company, where his job was to travel the world and promote a healthy lifestyle with Weider products.

Luckily for residents here in Palm Springs, J.P. started his very successful personal fitness training business after the body building star’s retirement from pro bodybuilding in 2002. His first fitness trainer job dates as far back as 1986 in Brig, Switzerland. Fast forward to the present, he now maintains a robust schedule mentoring others towards attaining their own unique fitness goals. Should you have the motivation to exceed your own expectations as a body builder, a novice weight lifter...or anywhere in between...J.P. Fux is the pro who will train you like a pro. For a day, a week, month or longer, his training methods, principles and patient, but results oriented, demeanor and attitude will help you succeed brilliantly!

J.P. brings his special background in professional bodybuilding in combination with his extensive experience in the supplement industry, making him unique among  today’s personal trainers. Nobody can help you to gain or keep lean muscle mass and keep you safe more than he. Having incurred his fair share of injuries during his professional career, he made it his number one goal to keep his own clientele safe at all times. His training programs are very individualized and unique, developed according to your goals and abilities, while breaking all the rules in a positive and progressive method, regardless of your age.  J.P. offers all of his amazing experience to you at very reasonable rates, with package deals available specifically to visitors while enjoying their stay in Palm Springs. I am honored to introduce you to our own Body Building star and all around excellent human being, Jean Pierre Fux.  Take the opportunity to train like a pro…with a pro…by calling or emailing him today at    760-413-9706 or

  We look forward to seeing you here on your next visit to fabulously fit Palm Springs. Until then...Stay Fit. Stay Healthy. Stay Happy. Keep Exercising! And I'll see YOU at the gym! My Very Best To You...Ted


  • cindy cole Thursday, April 9, 2015 21:13 PM

    Saw you at Power of Fitness today My husband and I joined last week. When we joined I talked to Joe about wanted to compete in Bikini. He told me to get in touch with you, that you have a few ladies you are training. I would like to find out if you have a spot available for another? I am a 53 year old woman who is very active...cycling, road and mountain, Hiking 3 times a week and now in the gym. I hVE BEEN TOLD BY MANY PEOPLE TO TRY OUT FOR A BIKINI COMPETITION. I WENT TO ONE AND LOOKED AT THE WOMEN IN MY CLASS AND THOUGHT IT LOOKED LIKE A GREAT CHALLENGE. I connected with a competitor in Hawaii and she helped me little to understand what it takes and sent her some shote in a bikini. She showed me her before and after shots and sure seems possible. lets do it! Cindy Cole 760-275-2941 don't want to bother you so when you have time please call me thank you.

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